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Customer Reviews

We got a lot of laughs out of the film you transferred. Our family has watched the DVD you created many times… we are VERY satisfied with the service you have provided.

Tony Mancuso
Media transfer reviews

Allen Parker

Production was on schedule, quality came out wonderful, everything promised was delivered, very happy with end results.

– San Diego, CA

Jennifer Harb

We loved it! We will definitely be back.

– Vista, CA

Don McCall

I’m very happy with the work and I am happy with the choice of music we provided them. I would definitely urge you to incorporate music.

– Riverside, CA

Diane G.

Everything about DVD Your Memories is great! Personal and friendly service. Location! Great product. Fair price! A complete endorsement from us.

– Englewood, CO

Alice B.

The job that these nice people did on our old film and hundreds of photos was amazing. I was most impressed by their professionalism, knowledge and skill. They delivered beautiful DVDs of our finished product within a very short period of time. What impressed me the most, was the restoration job done on some of my mother’s photos. I had no idea that ragged photos, some over a hundred years old, could be so beautifully restored.
Recommend? Oh yes!!

– Maumelle, AR

Nicholas V.

I did not have any problems here, I had them do some VHS to DVD work. I would have them do work for me again.

– Denver, CO

DeLane R.

I went in to get some slides digitized and some reel to reel converted to cd. Steve was a great help and very friendly. He was very clear about what was given and for what price. I would refer these people to anybody!!

– Littleton, CO

Jennifer V.

I had them transfer some really old movies i had . that you just cannot find on dvd. and i got a good deal i would recommend to anyone.

– Denver, CO

Nicole N.

Dvd Your Memories combined all of my wedding photos and videos on dvd’s and cd’s. Very knowledgeable staff- they know what they’re talking about! We brought in our our sd cards, flash drives, and prints- we even e-mailed some; I didnt have to lift a finger and I ended up with high quality professional work. Thank you dvd-your-memories!

– Littleton, CO

David S.

I took several rolls of movies of our children growing up to have them put on DVD’s, from my walking in the door to picking them up a week later the entire experience was positive, they made me feel like I was important to them, I will use them again if I have future needs.

– Los Angeles, CA

Phil A.

We had a real emergency on our hands – daughter out of town; incriminating audio casettes of her singing when she was about 6, and the need to get them onto a CD or DVD before she and her fiance came back from Paris! DVD Your Memories came through for us. The service was stellar, professional and on time – actually ahead of time. Great people…what a wonderful change!!

What made it so amazing for us was that we’ve watched – with huge frustration – the quality of American products and service plummet over the past several years as companies have focused entirely on profits to the exclusion of all else. But not DVD Your Memories. Wow, an American business that knows and uses technology, creates superior products at affordable prices, and offers top-notch customer service that is hard to find anywhere.

Why go anywhere else that might offer slightly cheaper products when you get the superior products and services from DVD Your Memories.

-Scottsdale, AZ

Cathy H.

What a pleasure it’s been to deal with the folk in the Culver City store! My CDs are already on their way back and it’s only been two days since DVDYM received my tape. The customer service is FABULOUS. Ryan was friendly and polite and very helpful. Even though my job was quite small, he made me feel like it was a big deal and made sure that he had all of the details right before they got started. So! Great customer service, great prices, great attention to detail. I’m going to start gathering up other family memorabilia to send down to them for archiving purposes. Absolutely FANTASTIC experience.

– Sultan, WA

Jack G.

I was very pleased with the work done on my old 8 films. Transfers and quality was excelent. Will go back for more work when needed.

– Los Angeles, CA

Tommy X.

These guys are great. I brought them a cheap, off brand mp3 player with two long 20 minute tracks that I needed transferred onto CD. From my first phone call they were helpful and professional. It was a bit of an unusual request but they handled it no problem. Did a great job and did so quickly. Handed it to them on a Friday and got it back on Monday. They are reasonably priced as well. I would definitely use these guys again and would recommend them for any kind of video or audio transfer needs you have.

David Z.

Just a short note to thank Ryan Brown in the LA store for a job well done. I had 40 yr old Vietnam cockpit tapes on a reel to reel and Ryan transferred them to CD. The original audio quality was poor and the first time Ryan transferred them the quality was improved but unreadable. I called him and he said bring the original reel back and another copy I had on an old audio cassette. Ryan re-transferred them from both sources and, whatever he did, the quality was good now. I want to point out Ryan is a valuable employee and he went above and beyond to insure my satisfaction. Again, thank Ryan for a job well done and your company is lucky to have Ryan. I’m sure I’ll be using you for any future transfers of any media I have in the archives. I want to add what brought me to you is the fact that you transfer everything in house. In addition, I will certainly recommend you to all my friends and family.

– Manhattan Beach, CA

Richard P.

Great professional service. Excellent quality transfer of an old cassette tape of my Grandfather giving a speech in 1960. I’d never heard his voice before so it was a great experience on many levels.

– Culver City, CA

Werner D.

I am thoroughly happy with your digitizing job of my 35mm slide collection. The old slides being what they are, with all their deficiencies and signs of aging, but your archiving work has stopped their further deterioration forever. That is invaluable and I am commending you for a perfect service!

– Los Angeles, CA

Lois G.

I found DVD Your Memories online and went to them mostly because of the favorable location, but I was delighted with what I found. I had some very old family movies (some from 1938) that I had had transferred to tape and now need to have switched over to DVD. The staff was extraordinary–friendly, eager to help, willing to take whatever time it took to help me decide what was worth saving and what might not be. The person who helped me the first time took a great deal of time with me previewing each tape to see what was on it (in some cases, I didn’t even know!) and to see the condition. He told me that the condition would be about what it was on the tapes, but that they would try to improve it, and that actually happened. I was thrilled with the way the DVDs came out, and I thought the price was very reasonable (they gave me an estimate, based on how long I thought the tapes were, and the final price was even less than projected). The physical facility is very light, clean and pleasant. I would definitely go back again and have already recommended them to others.

– Santa Monica, CA

Nathan E.

After bringing them a few tapes and reels from my grandmothers den we found, these guys put together the best Christmas present my mother has ever received (her words) much faster than we expected. Their prices are clear and laid our for everything, which is great, because we found my moms favorite vinyls in the same den! I think we have gifts covered for a few years! Thanks DVD Your Memories!

– Simi Valley, CA

Bill S.

I’ve used DVD Your Memories several times now to transfer 8mm home movies to a hard drive and they have always done a great job. I would highly recommend them.

– Reseda, CA

Sarah H.

I had a box of 48 Super 8 home movies from the 70s and 80s and a regular 8MM real from the 50s. DVD Your Memories put them on DVDs with menus and they looked great! it was wonderful to be able to see the old movies again. When I picked them up they returned my originals, the DVDs in nice cases and also had transferred the film onto a new reel for safekeeping. I was promised a date and they delivered on time, they even called me midway to let me know how things were going. Altogether great service and very personalized attention. I will go back to have my wedding photo negatives put onto DVD.

– Los Angeles, CA

Stacy N.

Everyone at DVD Your Memories was wonderful to work with. The process of transferring my Video’s to DVD’s could not have been easier. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

– Columbia, MD

John S.

They were thoroughly professional on every level. I recommend them without hesitation.

– Pacific Palisades, CA

Thi L.

I usually don’t write many reviews but I would really like to take a moment to share my experience with DVD Your Memories. I heard about this place from a friend of mine, after sharing my nightmare experience with another company, I will not mention. The costumer service wow’d me with their capabilities that I found myself giving them more projects to transfer. The pricing was very clear and they made me feel so comfortable knowing they were going to take great care of my most precious memories; a lot of the reasons why I felt so comfortable was probably because the costumer rep was the one who was going to oversee the work being done. I’ve tried other places and there are always confusion on transferring information because they have to send it to another facility, no bueno. DVD Your Memories was on time and super friendly, what a sigh of relief now that my memories are now organized more than before, all thanks to DVD Your Memories. I’m already telling my friends and family about them. A fun digital music video down memory lane is going to be my up coming project for my family ^_^ !!

– Los Angeles, CA

Lo B.

I found them thru Yelp, and the fellow Yelpers were right – great customer service – friendly, attentive, informative! I brought in an easy VHS to DVD transfer (directions & how to find their cuvler city location on the website helps since their location isn’t that obvious). Highly recommend and will use again in the future!

– Los Angeles, CA

Katie T.

DVD Your Memories is great! We are a commercial production company and used DVD Your Memories to transfer some old VHS tapes onto hard drives. The VHS was damaged and needed to be repaired before transfer. They did a great job transferring our old VHS tape. Their customer service is also fantastic. They called as soon as our hard drive was ready and shipped it directly to our company. Ryan also followed up after receiving our hard drive to make sure we were completely satisfied with our order. They are extremely helpful and always get back to you right away to answer any questions you may have. We will definitely use them again for any of our transfer needs.

– Studio City, CA

Aaron F.

Right from the get go everyone I dealt with was incredibly nice and explained the whole process of transferring my tapes to dvd. The prices are also very reasonable. In the middle of the week they called and had a little issue and we took care of it quickly and even had my 3 tapes done before Christmas! It is probably best to tell them exactly how much time each tape is so you do not get charged more for what you want. I had a tape that was almost 6 hours long and had no clue but it was fine since I wanted the whole thing transferred.

Once I find more tapes to get converted I will return. I highly recommend this place and have already told my friends about them.

– Hermosa Beach, CA

Matt G.

This company understands customer service. No matter which employee helped me, they all paid attention to the details, made sure that I understood what they were doing and the costs associated with their service. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. I had a very large order with various forms of media too.

– El Segundo, CA

Ron B.

Have had 4 different orders. One was transferring a cassette tape to a CD – perfect!
Two others were copying VHS’s to DVD – Fabulous! And the last was a transfer of 4 small video cassettes to DVD, turns out those made 4 separate DVD’s – all bright and clear, including the audio on the tape.

– Los Angeles, CA

Jeffrey B.

Had a positive experience with DVD Your Memories converting 1/4″ audio tapes to CD. Would recommend anyone looking to transfer audio at this business in addition to transfer of old format video.

– Studio City, CA

Lizzy D.

I brought a bunch of family photos here, THOUSANDS of family photos. They did a wonderful job scanning every single one onto a hard drive that I provided. My favorite thing was that they made a contact sheet for me so that I could easily find each picture on the hard drive. For the work load I gave them, they completed the job quickly and it looked as though they had gone through every photo they scanned and made sure that it was aligned properly, nothing was cut off and no scan lines could be seen. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who has tons of photos they would like to have scanned, organized and delicately handled.

– Venice, CA

Michael D.

The product and customer service was excellent. I transferred several video tapes to DVD and was pleased with the quality of the transfer and the detailed packaging that came along with it. The customer service was also impressive as the staff called (yes phone — not email!!) at least twice to confirm receipt and delivery, and made sure I was taken care of.

– Hermosa Beach, CA

Kate S.

This company can do ANYTHING that most other places can’t. While it’s a bit hard to find the actual location, it is well worth it. Will definitely be coming here again!

– Los Angeles, CA

Alyssa W.

Seriously, this company is fantastic. I am on my 3rd order with them and am more impressed every time. I had old slides in different large format sizes and they managed to digitize everything. Not only that, but they color-corrected these images from the 60s to look like they were intended to. They are gorgeous, and would have been forgotten if not for DVD Your Memories! The customer service is superb (special shout out to Stephanie). They seem to love what they do and it shows in the beautiful results. I love the contact sheets – totally helps when trying to organize so many images. If you’re thinking about digitizing any images, this is the place. You will be so happy you made the investment (since, unfortunately, it’s not cheap)!

– Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Price L.

Very Pleased, Everyone treated me great. They did a great job rescuing an old vhs, that had an important life’s event and they made a copy on a dvd, to be extra safe Thanks to all that had a hand in my project. Great Place I will be back

– Los Angeles, CA

Cynthia R.

I just spent an hour laughing/crying at my baby videos…which are now on DVD!!!!! These guys are great. Dropped my VHS off on Wednesday, picked up the DVDs on Friday. Quick, easy, and only about $30 for 2 DVDs. Most importantly, I can now rest assured that the footage on my aging VHS is safe, not to mention easier to watch (I recently had to explain to a 10-year-old what a VCR is). I definitely recommend getting your stuff transferred here!

– Los Angeles, CA

Dan W.

All of the staff is knowledgeable about the product and how to properly convert/save/store/enhance your video. I brought in 3 boxes of slides, 5 16mm films, and a few VHS tapes, a job which other places said would take upwards of a month. DVD Your Memories had it done in 2 weeks, they sorted my slides and did touch-up work on the quality of the image, and had it all backed up onto flash memory for me with minimal costs. I highly recommend their store and their service.

– San Diego, CA

Debra D.

I had an old cassette tape (1991) of me playing the piano when I was at my peak of ability. They did a fantastic job of converting it to a CD. They were able to clean it up and get the background noise and hissing out.

– Laguna Beach, CA

Jeffrey D.

I am in the process of preserving our family history for future generations. I came across a 16mm film my grandfather had created in the 1960’s. It had been stored in a hot, dusty location for the past 20 years and was quickly deteriorating. DVD Your Memories did an excellent job of cleaning the film and transferring it to DVD’s. The quality was true to the original video and audio on the 16mm film. Our family now will have these memories to share in a format that all of them can use.

– Costa Mesa, CA

Kim B.

I went to dvd your memories to have some old family reunion tapes transferred. I thought they just take the tapes and transfer them to DVDs and that’s it. But it turned out that they had a actual video editing department. You’re able to work with the video editor one on one putting in voice overs and sound effects.

Once I took the video home I notice something I wanted to change, I came back the following week and they change it for me free of charge. My family loves the fact that all of our take are now on a few DVDs

– San Diego, CA

Marques F.

My company has been working with DVD your memories for years now. We contract them to edit our videos for different clients we have. They have always done a great job at an affordable price. I highly recommend their services to any company or individual.

– San Francisco, CA

Kevin H.

I heard about these guys when my father recently transferred our old family super 8 film and 35 mm slides transferred there. He said that the customer service was wonderful and that the lady that helped him out was friendly and calm if he didn’t understand something at first. We had a lot of film and it seemed a little pricey at first but we chose to go with the premium for the film transfer and the 4k for the slides. In the end the film turned out superb and the slides were a hoot at our family gathering. This company not only provides preservation for your memories, but also allows you to share it with the less technical people of your family. I highly recommend the premium film transfer. If you are going to have it transferred do it right the first time!

– Irvine, CA

Sandy K.

Love these people. Had a slide show to get ready for my husband’s memorial service and they were efficient and GOOD! I would recommend them to anyone. Also had some other work done and would definitely use them for any future projects. They were professional and pleasant to deal with.

– Irvine, CA

Zack G.

Brought in some vhs videos and 8 mm film reels, and had them transferred. The price was super reasonable, and I thought the quality was better than the original! The staff was friendly too, so I would really recommend the company overall. A+

– San Marcos, CA

Steve H.

My Dad found some old super 8 film from over 40 years ago. Since we didn’t have any equipment to view the old film we decided to have it transferred to DVD. After searching on the internet I found “DVD Your Memories”. I met with Andrew and he explained the process and the cost. I decided to go forward with the project. What we received was a surprise that is now a family treasure. The new DVD contains video of my mother and father on vacation over 40 years ago. I highly recommend DVD Your Memories. They are professional and very easy to work with.

– Garden Grove, CA

Elizabeth W.

I dicovered DVD Your Memories quite by accident. It moved in next to my pilates class. I had 1,200 slides that my dear dad had taken of our family in the early years gathering dust in my garage. I wanted to do something to preserve the memories as well as be able to view and relive the memories. Well, I took all 1,200 slides in and Rustyn did an amazing job of organizing all the slides on each carousel into labeled data disks and proof sheets. My sisters and I have had so much fun viewing our childhoods and making copies of special pictures for framing and/or DVD slideshows. The grandkids love looking at their parents as little kids! Since then I have had data disks and proof sheets of all my trips. Blake has made some wonderful DVD slideshows and I have enjoyed sharing them with friends and family. I highly recommend DVD Your Memories you will not be disappointed in the results. The entire staff is excellent at what they do and as a customer you are treated with courtesy and respect.

Ian D.

They do good work over there. Very detailed and they are great at following direction on big, specific orders.

– Costa Mesa, CA

Cathy C.

I was so happy with the work DVD your memories did on the 3 D slides that I had. It took me over a year to find a responsible, talented team who can help me and in Southern California. Every place I went to said they could not convert 3 D slides only 35mm and DVD your Memories said no probelm and they were right. After all was done I showed the finish cd to the family and everyone was overjoyed to see old photos of family who were long gone.

– Anaheim, CA

Barbara V.

I was pleased with my experience with this company. I submitted three separate orders involving transferring from video tape to DVDs and scanning documents. The work quality was very good and the service was professional. The first two orders were completed by the estimated date of completion, but the third order wasn’t ready until a few days after the estimated completion date. I felt confident leaving my family’s videos because I knew they would be processed on the site rather than sent out of state or out of the country. I highly recommend DVD Your Memories.

– Dana Point, CA

Ann C.

Had my best friend’s wedding on vhs (10 yrs old) transferred to files that i can edit. Staff was very friendly. Andrew explained clearly their services and Derek, who took care of my file was very accommodating with some changes. Video quality was good even after i rendered my edited video on dvd format.

– Brownsville, TX


We had recently found an old 8mm family film from the mid 50’s which they were able to clean up and place on a DVD of very good quality considering the age. They were very professional and completed the project on time. Because they keep the file a month or so we were able to have them put it on a flash drive which was done in a matter of minutes. We would not hesitate to use their services again in the future.

– Yorba Linda, CA

Loren M.

I had a cassette tape of our wedding that was almost 40 years old. I was afraid that the quality would be compromised in the transfer because of the age of the tape; however, DVD Your Memories did a great job and the CD came out very clear. My wife and I were very happy with the results.

– Fullerton, CA

Meredith W.

My boss had an important trip to Africa and needed some old VHS tapes converted into DVD. Since I live in Costa Mesa, I was charged with bringing the tapes in. The people here were very professional, and it was only a two day turnaround. The price was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. They have video chat in the lobby, so if you walk in, someone upstairs can jump on the screen to see what you need. neato.

– Costa Mesa, CA

Kate C.

It’s taken me a long time to post this review. Last year my boyfriend took our collection of photos from our trip to San Francisco (there were over 1000 plus some short videos) to this location. He surprised me with my Valentine’s Day gift: a custom-made slideshow. It was absolutely beautiful. My mom almost teared up because it was so sweet! Quite apparently, the editors do a great job of working with you for that sort of thing.

Since then, while I haven’t done any creative projects with DVD Your Memories yet, I’ve had some of my own photos and old home-video VHS tapes transferred. I love that they keep everything in-house so there is no chance of it getting lost in transit. Turn around time was great and they were very professional about everything.

– Costa Mesa, CA

Vincent R.

I brought in videos that were left to me when my Grandmother passed away. They were older VHS tapes from the late 80’s and early 90’s. DVD your memories transferred them to DVD and helped clean them up. The tech crew is really friendly and very helpful. They went over all my options and what was available and what could and couldn’t be done (some tapes had this slight buzz sound). I pointed out where some of the tapes had faded during playback and they were able to edit those out. In the end I had professional quality DVD’s that I could skip around on and check out specific scenes. My son has been getting a real kick out of seeing me as a kid on the tapes. He thinks it’s hilarious. They are a block from the 405 in an business park but well worth it!

– Anaheim, CA

John W.

We used this company to digitize our photos. They were referred to us from my co-worker and they did an excellent job at a fair price. We would use them again.

Robert T.

My wife had a terrific family video made here, so I went back a year later and had kodachrome slides of a trekking trip I made to Nepal converted to digital images and a DVD and Blu-Ray DVD made, accompanied by a 15 song soundtrack i chose. I found the service, helpfulness, and aesthetics of this business to be first rate and the fees were very fair. They assembled a 35 minute DVD movie that I was totally pleased with. I highly recommend this business, and Caleb was a superb “director” for the slide show movie.

Christian M.

These guys are fantastic! They understood everything I wanted to do and they did it. After reviewing their work, there was literally nothing I would change. I will be going back to them to work on our Wedding DVD (the people we hired did such a poor job) and some of my old VHS tapes. If you go, ask for Caleb ( I am sure everybody there is great too), Caleb really listens, suggests, then delivers. He’s also very patient!!!

– San Marcos, CA

Ellie H.

Last summer I made a compact VHS recording of my 92 year old uncle, touring the little town where he grew up- pretty special. I wanted to share this with my cousins but was concerned about leaving the tape somewhere and it getting lost or damaged. Not only got the tape back in fine shape, but the DVD copy is actually a LOT clearer and better picture than the VHS tape was. Guess Caleb performed some kind of magic there. I also really like it that these guys have a fast turnaround and your stuff is ready for pickup when they say it will be ready. Really appreciate that they use 100 year archival quality DVDs. I am very pleased with their services and have already DVD’d some more of my memories. And will be doing more!

– San Diego, CA

Trish S.

My dad had a reel-to-reel movie that was from a family gathering in 1936. He had it transferred to a VCR tape. I wanted to surprise him by sneaking the tape out of his house and recording it to a DVD. Imagine MY surprise when my VCR ate it! I was scared to death to send the only copy of what we consider a priceless VCR tape through the mail to anyone, especially one 2,600 miles away. The people at DVD Your Memories put me at ease instantly. They took great care of the tape and were able to successfully transfer it to a DVD. My dad was sooooo happy! So was I! I will use their services again and would highly recommend them. They do great work and have an awesome staff!

– Emerald Isle, NC

Kathy H.

I own a very old Verizon razr with two saved calls of my mother’s voice who just passed away. After 3 failures to recover the audio with Verizon technicians I called dvd your memories. Anthony listened patiently as I explained, with my lack of technical knowledge, that this was the last time I could hear my mother sing. He immediately set an appointment for the next day with Caleb ( the expert). With less than a 5 minute wait, Caleb brought me over to the equipment, found the right connections for the old phone, had me listen to the captured calls, and transferred them to a CD in less than 45 minutes from start to finish. Caleb was not only an expert, but he was courteous, patient, and informative as to what he was doing. The quality on the CD was wonderful from such an old phone. Caleb you’re my hero and I plan to use this great group of professionals to capture memories again.

– San Diego, CA

Dan B.

If you have VHS tapes that you want transferred to DVD without costing you a fortune “DVD Your Memories” is the place to go. I work in the industrial area of Kearney Mesa and found “DVD Your Memories” quite by accident. They did a wonderful job transferring “Nancy Wilson live at Carnegie Hall and Judy Garland live at Carnegie Hall both taped from KPBS specials and unavailable on DVD, along with other music and sports specials I had recorded from television. The sound quality was just as good as the VHS tapes and its so much easier to watch the shows on DVD. The price was alot less than I thought i’d have to pay for this kind of work. If you’ve got tapes to transfer this is the place to go! The staff was very helpful and friendly and answered all my questions. Nice clean office too!

– San Diego, CA

Marie K.

Had a great experience with this company. I wanted to convert a video cassette to a DVD and have 5 additional DVD copies made for family members. The very original film was old reel to reel 3mm film of home movies taken by my father back in the 50’s and 60’s. In 1995 I had the reel to reel films converted to a video cassette and set to music. Somehow through the years between 1995 to now, the music had faded and we could no longer hear it. When DVD Your Memories converted the video cassette to DVDs, the audio returned. Now our whole family can enjoy not only the family home movies from so long ago, but we can also enjoy the music I set to it back in 1995. This company was professional, the film was done when they said it would be done and everyone has was very helpful. I had some extra credit left over and they converted still photos to a DVD as well. They strike me as very honest and capable. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

– San Diego, CA

Jeremy S.

I chose DVD Your memories, because they do everything in house. Everywhere else wanted to mail off my cherished memories. To me it wasn’t worth the risk of getting lost in the mail, so that was not an option. When I entered the San Diego office, I was struck with how clean the place was. The employees, all wear lab coats and are well kept. They sat me down offered me water and explained in detail their product and process. They answered my questions and knew their stuff. The best part of their service was that they promised me a time frame, and they did better than keeping their promise. The film I had was super-eight and was hard to watch on a projector, due to how the film had degrade over the 40 years it had set. When I received the DVD I was amazed at how well it transfered over! Great product. Great Service, and I can’t wait to take the rest of my film to them!

– Escondido, CA


I took in my mom’s 35MM films dating back to 1939. Some of them were in very bad shape, quite deteriorated. I immediately got the impression that DVD Your Memories was going to treat my family films with the utmost of care and do their very best to transfer them to DVD. Some footage was definitely lost, but what was able to be transferred was amazingly preserved. The customer service was excellent. The technicians patiently worked with me to make sure the films were transferred in the correct order and did not hesitate to re-order them when I initially got it wrong. The entire project was done very quickly, very professionaly, and very reasonably. I highly recommend!

– San Diego, CA

David G.

I appreciate the excellent customer service and fantastic products I have received from this company. There have been many times I have asked Caleb to assist me in documenting my life stories and experiences onto a DVD. Each time his quality and excellent customer service has come through. I have shown my DVD’s at family gatherings and to friends numerous times. It’s a blast to watch my DVD’s and see my life in action.

I highly recommend Caleb and guarantee he will do an excellent job on your next project. As a matter of fact, I’m putting another project together right now!

– San Diego, CA

Linda G.

These guys took a dusty old album I had, converted it to DVD and it sounds as if the material was recorded just yesterday – I cannot not believe how great it sounds! I found these guys on the internet, first thing I loved about them was how nice they were on the phone and in person. They kept in touch with me every step of the way and completed the job earlier than quoted. Secondly, they do everything in house, which made me feel good about leaving something I treasure. The cost was very affordable – shocking but true! I’m taking the negatives from my wedding photos to be put on DVD next week, and then some old VHS home video to convert to DVD, things I’ve been wanting to do but putting off because I didn’t know where to go and who to trust….now I do.

– Escondido, CA

Dana S.

Learned of the business through a Mom at my son’s school. Very happy with the results. They converted 11 years of video cassettes into DVD’s, Although not inexpensive, I feel it was a good value for the money spent. Courteous service, ready on time, no surprises.

– San Diego, CA

Kelli T.

My project consisted of taking old photos from albums and some digital photos and turn that into a dvd with music chosen by me. I was assigned to Caleb who just did an outstanding job. I am not technical and did not understand all the many choices I needed to make to make the most of my new dvd. Caleb was patient and explained all the choices and showed me examples when I needed a visual to understand. The project was time sensitive and DVD Your Memories did not let me down. From start to finish I was treated with excellent customer service. DVD Your memories has won my business for sure and now the project of converting photo albums and VHS tapes has begun at my house. I recommend this company with confidence.

– Torrey Hills, CA

Barton F.

Brought some VHS to get transferred. Great service, great price, friendly people. No complaints whatsoever. I’d use them again.

– San Diego, CA

Joe H.

a good job from start to finish with a very courteous staff. No issues!

– Cardiff, CA

Cynthia C.

I had been wanting to convert some of my old vhs home movies into dvd. I had no clue where to get this done. I looked up such services on Yelp and found these guys. I went to the place and it’s pretty hidden, it’s located with in the claremont mesa business area, so when you drive there all you see is a bunch of business buildings. These guys are located upstairs at their address. I was very impressed, they were very professional and informative. I took in two tapes and only had an estimate of how long they were. They explained that they charge by however long the content of the tape is. So they did, my tapes turned out to be a total of 4 hours, so it cost me $50 to transfer on to dvd. This was all done within a reasonable time period of one and a half weeks. They called me when the dvds were ready for pick-up. I’ve watched my videos and the transfer quality was great! I highly recommend these guys, they have other services as well.

– La Mesa, CA

Rebecca Sherlock

Great service and company, job well done!

Air Conditioning San Diego
San Marcos, CA

Erin Schmidt

After sitting in my attic for several decades, I decided it was finally time to get my 8mm film converted to DVD. The process went very smooth and I had fresh DVDs in my hands a couple of weeks later. I had extra copies made and mailed them to all of my family. Thank you very much!

– Brightstar Home Care Franchise
San Diego, CA

Robert Gonias

Thank you to all of the San Diego staff for creating a set of family DVDs for me. We had several video tapes converted, as well as some slides and photos, and the end result was amazing! I will be recommending to all of my family and friends.

– Sound Imaging
San Diego, CA


Just completed my fourth project with DVD your memories and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and content I recieved. I worked with Blake on compiling and editing a 30 minute slideshow for a high school banquet that is sure to leave all viewers impressed. Blake was patient, knowledgeable and as engaged in the project as I was. He added value all along the way and gave me great advice on things to think about and prepare our meetings to make our time as productive as possible and save me money. As I said this is my 4th project there and I am sure it won’t be my last.

– Fullerton, CA


I want to thank you for the job you did. I found you on the web, came to your office, your first greeting was friendly, your personnel were knowledgeable, he explained the options and once I chose what I wanted it was clearly explained to me what to expect, how much it was likely to cost and when it would most likely be ready for pick up. In every way your service was exceptional. I now have the finished job; and you did everything you said you would do . . perfectly. Thanks, it’s refreshing in today’s less than personal customer service world. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

– San Diego, CA

Surelle Kessler

DVD Your Memories far surpassed my expectations in the quality of the product they produced. Blake was delightful to work with and the staff was very professional. I highly recommend their slide show work and creativity.

– Newport Beach, CA

Robert G. Jones

We recently gathered up many very old videotapes that were in storage. Because these tapes help visual memories they were not just valuable they were priceless. We had friends that recommended the DVDyourmemories company for scanning and storing these files. We phoned the company and made an appointment. The explanation for the process, the method of scanning and the fees were clearly explained at the initial meeting. We thankfully received a hard drive with all of our dreams intact. The staff, service and final product was a 10 out of 10.
– San Diego, CA

Lem Utu

Derek was a huge help and when I had an emergency, he went above and beyond to try and help me with the situation. I was very impressed with his courtesy and professionalism.

– Fountain Valley, CA

Miriam McAllister

It was such a gift to get these films transferred. We thought we had lost them years ago and when we found them we weren’t sure if anything was on them. Not only did we get them transferred, they looked great. We were very happy with you guys.

– Long Beach, CA

Candace Marteski

I want to thank you for the great job you did on what I thought was “an impossible to save” VHS tape and putting it on DVD better than I could have imagined. Will be recommending you and bringing in more old tapes. Thanks again!

– Irvine, CA

Andy Skiver

Extremely Professional, completely upfront about cost, and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to doing more business with DVD Your Memories in the near future

– Irvine, CA

Dan Johnson

Chris, Great job mixing Volume Three (Scrubs, Hypnotize, Vogue, etc). Listening as I type, and I’ll be listening for years to come. Great job, young man! I’ll be back.

– San Diego, CA

J.R. Cusick

I want to thank you and your company for the excellent work you did in converting my film to a digital format. Granted that the film was in a horrible condition because not only was it almost 60 years old but it had deteriorated to such a point that I was ready to give up all hope. I went to CostCo that farms the conversion out to a third party and they couldn’t work with the film. I was then referred to a company located in Burbank and I was optimistic because I thought who better to work with my film than a company located so near to the heart of Southern California’s film industry. They, too, were unable to work with the film because it had degraded so severely. I was ready to give up and I even told them to go ahead and throw the film away. After some reflection, I asked them to send the film back because I wasn’t ready to quit just yet. I was willing to give someone one more chance but where to find them? I did a search on the internet and found your company. I sent an email essentially challenging your personnel to do something that four other companies had failed at. My wife made the trip and dropped off the film hoping for the best. Three weeks later, Adam called to let me know that he had been able to convert most of the film. The quality of the conversion in the final product is amazing considering the condition of the film and its age. I am extremely pleased that I was able to find your company to finally bring it to a conclusion. I can assure you that anytime I am asked, I will enthusiastically endorse your company for converting film to a digital form. Thank you again for all that you have done and my mother will be happy to finally see film that her father took almost 60 years ago!

– Orange County, CA

Cheryl Raiken

The customer service was excellent. DVD Your Memories delivered what they said they would! The quality of the restoration was great! I would definitely recommend you guys!

– San Diego, CA

Bernie Feldman

You guys are just terrific!

– San Diego, CA

Stella Newman

Ecstatic and thrilled. This was a business order, but my husband and I are going to bring in our own family memories to transfer to DVD. We have hilarious recordings of childhood birthday parties to burn to disc for my husband’s 93-year-old mother. I am also referring more customers your way.

– Bad Boy Brands
San Diego, CA

Suzy Ubry

They looked great. We are 100% satisfied!

– San Diego, CA

Jeff Conner

We had several short clips on betacam transferred to DVD. The process went very smoothly, and the discs were ready in a matter of days. Thanks guys!
San Marcos, CA

Cory Jung

It was awesome!

– San Diego, CA

Glenn Ambra

Everything was wonderful We are very happy. Please add me to your e-mail list for future promotions. I’ll be back in soon with more media.

– Escondido, CA

Karin Morton

The staff was really nice and attentive.

– Coronado, CA

Joel Navarro

Oh my goodness, you were excellent! I did this project for my brother-in-law. He didn’t even know that I had video of their wedding from over 30 years ago. Good memories. Your office was very efficient—zip, zip, zip and I was out of there!

– San Diego, CA

Patrick Parry

I’m not happy…I’m ecstatic! Okay, I’m being slightly sarcastic. You guys did a very good job.

– San Diego, CA

Elaine Davis

We are so happy—very much so! I sent the disks to family members and they were thrilled. The film footage was of my parents, who were married 68 years ago. We also had black and white photographs scanned that were in pretty bad shape. The images came alive with the retouching! The film had been jumpy and the technicians corrected the speed for the best quality. This process and result was really fun!

– San Diego, CA

Curtis Price

You did a very good job!

– San Diego, CA

Patricia Stevens

It uploaded onto YouTube and you did and great job! If you want to learn how to make a Black Forest Cake from the pro, then Google Michael Fischer Black Forest Cake!

– Carlsbad, CA

Curtis Brauer

My family is very pleased with the slide transfer to DVD! The overall experience exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with the service.

– San Diego, CA

Kim Anderson

The service was really good and everyone was very nice.

– El Cajon, CA

Richard Villalobos

I’m hooked with you guys.

– La Jolla, CA

Bob Halligan

I am absolutely happy with my film and slide to DVD transfer order! It was exceptional quality and remarkably accurate. I remember exactly the sounds I recorded on the film 33 years ago and the conversion was absolutely perfect! I have had media transfer work done at other places and the sound timing and speed was way off. I am very impressed with DVD Your Memories.”

– San Diego, CA

Beth Doblado

The video transfer to DVD of my home movies is great! My family enjoyed watching them and I have peace of mind knowing that the memories are preserved.

– Descanso, CA

Ed Dean

I was a NASA employee and had slides of the Apollo 9 and Apollo 11 space flights, some of which the public had never seen. I distributed copies of the scanned images to my family around the country and they were so pleased. I paid for the higher resolutions scanning and it was well worth it! I’ll be back with other media transfers.

– San Diego, CA

Andrew Liersch

Turned out great! I’m very happy and will bring in more orders to be transferred!

– San Diego, CA

Marika Murch

A fast, professional service; I was totally satisfied.

– San Diego, CA

Nick Manzanares

Yeah, we watched them already and they were fabulous! Watching my daughter 8 years ago on tape is amazing. The way back machine technology is awesome! Thank you for preserving these memories for us. I sent an email to my brother to let him know about your service, because I know he’s holding on to a few tapes.

– San Diego, CA

Richard Nucci

The piece that I brought in was quite a challenge but I am completely satisfied with the finished product. The turnaround was quick and the pricing was fair. I am looking over the DVD Richard made for me right now, it’s great!

– San Diego, CA

Ann Cottrell

They were my father’s movies from 1940’s, they were really old and smelled like vinegar so I was scared that the film quality would be bad. But it turns out we were very impressed with the quality of the finished product. They look great! We intend to bring more movies this next spring after we come back from our trip to Africa.

– San Diego, CA

Charlotte Siegel

I’m very happy with the service I received. I was treated very well and was impressed with the quality of your work.

– San Diego, CA

Tatsuo Sasaki

I’m very satisfied with your service; I am glad that I decided to do business with you. The tapes I brought in were very old, but now my son and grandson can have them forever.

– San Diego, CA

Deborah Gallo

Yes I watched all of them and they were perfect! The videos were done within a week and the quality was excellent. The videos started out as 8mm film which was converted to VHS and then to DVD and there was no compromise in quality. I was so happy because the videos were from 1968 and those were very good memories for me. Thanks again!

– San Diego, CA

Daniel Sakow

You guys are amazing!!!! Thank you so much!

– San Diego, CA

Jeff Moore

At first I had thought that my film was a format that no one could do, but you were able to and now I have video of my Little League years!

– Solana Beach, CA

Sunny Choi

Was so helpful. Staff is so kind.

– San Diego, CA

Kelly Holmes

Excellent. Wonderful! Very happy!

– San Diego, CA

Eddie Gonzalez

Ecstatically happy!

– San Diego, CA

Larry and Debra Joslin

DVD Your Memories allowed us to see films we otherwise couldn’t have and brought back very happy memories for our family
I appreciate the extra care and treatment Richard put into my production. There were parts of our film that were damaged but he was able to preserve the lost film of my daughter. He took the extra time to do that. He was very helpful, and accommodating.
We plan on coming back and we already referred a few people to you. We can’t wait to share the videos with the rest of the family on Christmas day.
Thanks again for your expertise and technical know-how.

– El Cajon, CA

Don Dakin

I was scared our family history tape was destroyed but your technicians were able to work miracles!
My father had made an old tape of our family history, going back about four generations. I was so scarred that the tape was lost forever but I decided to bring it in anyways. I am so grateful that you were able to restore the tape. The quality is amazing.
Thank you DVD Your Memories.

-San Diego, CA

Chris Thompson

I found you guys to be very professional. I was extremely pleased with our order. It worked out perfect!

– Coronado, CA

Judy Stockdale

The DVD’s are beautiful! We are so pleased …but… there was only one big problem.
You didn’t send me any Kleenex!!
The music was great, the clarity of the slides, everything… I mailed extra copies (33 of them) to all my brothers and sisters and the first four that called me back were all crying and weeping tears of joy on the phone. I think it was the special southern gospel music that brought back all sorts of memories. People had a very strong emotional reaction, we were so touched.
Tell the team that they did a superb job, I just cant say how much we are pleased.

From the next order:
It was so wonderful! Everyone who watched the movie had a big crying spell. When you sent the most recent set of DVD copies with the Kleenex in the box, I laughed so hard someone would have thought I was crazy! Your hard work really pays off. I was amazed. You did a great job and are to be commended. I tell everyone I know about you and will continue sending referrals your way!

– Chandler, AZ

Bill Edwards

The film came out really good. It was a useful and worthwhile experience. Thanks!

– San Diego, CA

George Montenegro

The service was great! Plus everything was ready two days before your scheduled delivery date.

– Chula Vista, CA

Doug Wells

You guys are extremely professional and really know what you’re doing, what more can you ask for? I was very satisfied… oh and I got a bunch of albums that I will be bringing to you soon.

– El Cajon, CA

Loren Spiegel

Cheap, fast, and easy! What more can you ask for?

– San Diego, CA

Barbara Sobo

You guys are great! The video to DVD transfer of our grandparents, parents, ourselves, and our children made our holiday amazing. I gave a set to my daughter and she said that it was the best gift she ever received. Thank you so much and I am going to tell everyone I know about you and come back in for more transfers.

– San Diego, CA

Kelli Russell

Great customer service. Everything was exactly as expected. Friendly office staff. Super quality.

– San Diego, CA

Susan Franklin

We really enjoyed it! It was a delight!

– San Diego, CA

Paul Lee

I just wanted to shoot a quick email to the staff over at the Los Angeles location in regards to my experience with DVD Your Memories. I had provided a photo frame along with some pictures to be scanned for the frame a couple of weeks ago and just recently picked them up.
I want to thank the technician for providing crystal clear photos onto this frame, a feat I had been unable to duplicate on my own after several hours of reformatting scans prior to dropping them off. Your service was very professional and very cleanly done.I would/will certainly recommend DVDyourmemories to anyone who would need photo scanning done. Thank you so much, you will have helped to put a big smile on my parent’s face with these pics.

– Los Angeles, CA

Jeff Crispell

What can I say but WOW! the final multi-media DVD product that Caleb Christofer and I collaborated on turned out incredible, there is over two hours of mixed media. This was no easy project, I had an array of complex components to incorporate, voice over, music, photos, clipped video, sound effects, visual effects, titles and animation. This is a true masterpiece, I enjoyed every minute working with Caleb, he knows his media world well and it shows in this amazing resume quality piece.

– San Diego, CA

Amanda Hernandez

My parents have wanted to start transferring their home videos to DVD for some time now. It was the perfect opportunity when DVD your Memories agreed to transfer their wedding video to DVD in exchange for a review on my blog. The services that this company provides is very affordable and great quality. For example, to transfer a video to DVD costs from $15-30 which is great! My parents were very impressed with the quality of their new DVD. Here is what my Dad said about it “I sent in 2 VCR tapes that were almost 25 years old. They were getting a little dimmer. They came back in a nice case labeled as I requested, along with my original tapes. I found the quality of the DVD picture to be better than the tape that I sent in, and was very happy that my wedding video was transferred to a modern format.” They would also consider using this company for the rest of their videos that need to be transferred. Thanks DVD your Memories for your great service!

– Nutritionist Reviews

Scott Resnikoff

As a business who’s motto is ‘Bringing your footage to life’, we were quite picky when choosing a vendor for our film transfers. A families old home movies are precious heirlooms cherished by many. They are a wonderful bridge linking generations of old with generations yet to come and as such should be handled with the utmost care. We truly did our due diligence by sending out the same 2 sample rolls of 8mm to 4 different vendors including DVD Your Memories. Each time we received a DVD we assessed for quality (including clarity, light exposure, speed, and graininess), how long the transfer took, price, and customer service. By the end of our trial we had a clear winner in DVD Your Memories. Not only did the quality of our decades old film transfer surpass all comers, they were also very helpful and open with the process behind the transfer and returned our DVD on time and at a very reasonable price point. Thank you Richard, Adam, and all the rest for providing a much needed service!

– Orange County, CA

Kurt Rein

DVD Your Memories just transferred a few old tapes I had from my old dead digital camcorder. They transferred it straight to an external hard drive because I wanted to edit my footage. Everything looks great! I was fully happy with the service and everyone I dealt with there was friendly and prompt in answering any silly questions I had. They do a somewhat related service to the services I provide for my clients. Without hesitation, I will refer my cleints to them should someone need video related services.

– Mobile Computer Wizard
San Diego, CA

Jason Swanson

I had a really good experience, DVD Your Memories has a fast turnaround and friendly workers, and I’m very happy with the results. They took us in on short notice, and was very happy for the product.

– University of Kansas

Tony Mancuso

We got a lot of laughs out of the film you transferred. Our family has watched the DVD you created many times. I have given your name out to many people, we are VERY satisfied with the service you have provided.

– Orange County, CA

John Passanisi

At first I was leery about the quality of my film. After the work was completed, I was pleasantly surprised of the high quality of the film and the professionalism of the employees.

– Orange County, CA

Martin Whitmore

Had several clips put together and you guys did a great job at putting my DVD together, thanks a ton.

– US Window & Door
San Marcos

Isaac Valverde

Service was excellent and the staff was extremely knowledgeable. After seeing how gently the staff handled our precious memories, we could trust that our media was in good hands. The restored film quality was absolutely amazing! DVD Your Memories is the only place I will go for my future media transferring projects.

– Riverside, CA

Sarah Green

We were really panicked because we had a Friday deadline and we came to you guys on a Tuesday! You were able to not only make our Friday deadline but you actually had it done ahead of schedule. It was a pleasure working with everyone we spoke with. We’ll definitely recommend you to all our friends!

– San Diego, CA

Sheri Jumper

It was an all around wonderful experience. I am absolutely thrilled with the service; the guys (technicians) were so helpful. They took their time to explain to me about the services in detail. What a great product. I now have no worries about losing my family’s memories.

– Lakeside, CA

Debbie Chaddock

Loves the VHS transfer. It seems like the DVD quality is even better than the quality of the original! It’s really great to see the videos turn out so well.

– San Diego, CA

Angela Meaney

It was great. Everyone was nice. I had a 36-year-old photo restored and it came out great. I made copies…for family members.

– San Diego, CA

Teresa Handy

I just want to tell you that Aaron is wonderful! He is a doll and he is the reason I came into your office. I was looking online and randomly calling companies. I’m in Fallbrook and was looking at stores in my area, but no one could do exactly what I wanted. When I interacted with Aaron over the phone, then I immediately chose you! He has excellent phone skills—he is polite and friendly. When I came in he was respectful, helpful, and made great eye contact. I really thank you and want you to know that Aaron is great to do business with and I’ll be back soon.

– Fallbrook, CA

Steve Foster

I lost my wife in January and was very moved when we watched the film of her and we were able to share her memories with our children and grandchildren.

– Lakeside, CA

Shawn Griffin

It was awesome.

– San Diego, CA

Erskine “Rick” Adam

You did an excellent job. I really appreciate it.

Tricia Knight

I’m completely happy! The DVDs are perfect. These were family memories that we hadn’t seen in years because there were on darn ‘ol VHS tapes! We’ll tell everyone about you!

– Pismo Beach, CA

Lawrence Bar

You did a wonderful job! All of the people who received the 30 DVD’s of our family memory slides said that the project was very well done. We’re coming in with more!” Also…would like pickup/drop off due to the stairs.

Loraine and Wesley Severson

You guys do a good job! We are very happy!

– San Diego, CA

Peter Grand

It was great. I’ll send more business your way.

– Kihei, Hawaii

John McCaw

It’s fabulous! It was footage from Vietnam and the music really added to it.

– San Diego, CA

Alyse Simon

It was great! I took the scanned slides and audio transfer and used Pinnacle Studio to make a movie myself.

– San Diego, CA

Lynda Fomby

I brought the DVDs abroad with me and everyone who viewed them was thrilled!

– San Diego, CA

Bill Bock

High quality. My neighbor tried to do it herself and it turned out really crappy.

– Alpine, CA

Avi Kamik

Really nice. Tim did a great job!

Rosemary Mason

Absolutely perfect. Excellent. I’ll recommend you.

– Santee, CA

Bradley Amos

Worked beautifully well and I really appreciate it. I referred you to a friend, so expect more orders soon!

– Escondido, CA

John Mabie

It was marvelous!

– Poway, CA

Pat Luetmer

Service was fabulous. I had some difficulty with my own equipment and the staff at DVD Your Memories went the extra mile to help me out. I am very satisfied and will be back very soon!

– San Diego, CA

Alan Hord

I had an excellent experience! You know what was cool is that the work was done right and everyone was knowledgeable. My order turned out great. I have more orders coming in to you!

– San Diego, CA

Marco Alvarez

Very happy with my video.
I plan to do business with you again; I have a bunch of family tapes that need to get converted.
I have nothing but good things to say about your service. You were very professional and nice. Those are important values to me. I will see you soon!

– Bonita, CA

Ed Vasel

I was in a crunch situation where I needed quick turnaround for a corporation. DVD Your Memories was able to meet my tight schedule and able to respond very quickly in a very professional manner. They gave me exactly what I wanted… and on a personal note, now I will sort through my old slides and film so that they can be transferred as well.
Bryan and Aaron were the ones that serviced me.

– San Diego, CA

Paula Rockwood

They look great!
It was great having all those DVD tapes
Definitely use you guys again. I have your business card.

– San Diego, CA

Margarita Fritch

Good Service, excellent quality transfer and helpful staff: thanks, DVD Your Memories!

– Coronado, CA

Jason Peretson

I was thoroughly satisfied with my order. Angie did a fantastic job helping me and it was a great experience working with DVD Your Memories.

– San Diego, CA

Delories Wallace

Working with DVD Your Memories has been a good experience overall, I was completely satisfied with my order and the staff was very helpful and professional.

– San Diego, CA

Jay Short

Chuck is an exceptionally talented individual who has managed to navigate the space between art and technology with perfection. His company’s offerings are a great value; highly recommended.

– E.O. Wilson Foundation
Del Mar, CA


I talked with computer experts at Staples, CompUSA, etc. and they all told me it was impossible. I then asked a friend of mine if he knew a good computer person. He put me in touch with Chuck Temple and soon he had worked out a method of adding my files and music to a DVD. Thanks to Chuck I now have my 75 countries and 85 DVDs to play at will and renew my fond memories of all my exotic trips.

– San Diego, CA

Diane L. Peterson

I can’t tell you how pleased I as well as members of my immediate and extended families and friends are with DVD Your Memories’ personal and professional service in transferring our 8mm home movie film from the 1960s and early 1970s into a permanent hard disk file along with the DVD formatted copies. Reasonable in cost, extremely timely and outstanding care and concern for the resultant project output was above and beyond my best customer service experience to date. I have and will continue to highly recommend your company, to all my family, friends and acquaintances with the realization that your quality and service commitment will exceed their expectations as well. Thank you so very much for preserving my family’s (as well as extended family and friends’) memories with your personal, very professional and outstanding video skills and service. The DVD output is priceless!
P.S. I will take advantage of your editing skills as well in the not-too-distant future

– San Diego, CA (and family from Wisconsin)

Henry Garnett

I got the DVD player in the mail today and all DVD’s work great. I am very impressed that you stood behind your guarantee of providing a free DVD player if my old one had problems reading the DVD’s you created. You will get more business from me in the future and you will definitely get a great recommendation should any of my friends need your services.

– Ramona, CA

G. Mullette

These guys have a great energy in addition to their professionalism. Their attitude is one of problem solving and production of high quality product. They used all of the technology at their disposal to make my needs a reality. Every second I spent with them was positive.

– San Diego, CA


DVD Your Memories produced a DVD that was beyond my expectations. My DVD was made in less than a week and it actually has a menu at the beginning. I’ve shown all my friends this movie and they were all impressed. Thank you Chuck & Ben!

– San Diego, CA

David Hensley

Chuck, your company rocks man! My family is very impressed with the quality of your product. Thanks so much.

– La Jolla, CA

Madeline Kane

I just wanted to say thank you for the great job that DVD Your Memories did in DVDing our memories. The final product, even though I wasn’t the most patient of clients, turned out to be terrific and terrifically received. It was a great focal point and backdrop for my Mom’s 90th Birthday Party. Everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks for your help and final product. We can now see the program in re-runs whenever we like. It’s great!!

– La Jolla, CA

Terri Walsh

I am a recent customer of yours who requested that a VERY OLD (1979) “BETAMAX” videotape be transferred to DVD. After emailing your staff with all my questions, and receiving their very prompt replies, I decided to take a chance and send my precious tape to you. I’m writing to say how very pleased I am with your Staff and the quality of the DVD returned to me. Both far exceeded my expectations. It is wonderful to “do business” with a company who knows their product and delivers on their promises. I will be pleased to recommend DVDYourMemories to our family & friends who watch this precious 1979 DVD with us, and look forward to doing business with your company in the future. Thank You!

– Fallbrook, CA

Michael D. Briggs

I used DVD Your Memories to transfer content from audiocassette to CD and from VHS to DVD. DVD Your Memories performed the work professionally, on-budget and ahead-of-schedule. I will continue to use DVD Your Memories as my preferred media professional!

– La Jolla, CA

Dale D.

If you have 8mm or Super-8 movies that you would like to preserve in digital (DVD) format, I would recommend DVD Your Memories. They did a great job transferring my old surf films to convenient DVDs. The resolution, the turn-around time, and quality of service exceeded my expectations.

– Carlsbad, CA

Joel Gast

Incredible! My 1960’s vintage 8mm film actually looks better after the transfer. They’re cleaner and the color is better. Should’ve done it years ago

– Rancho Bernardo, CA

Lee Fernandez

Chuck has done a great deal of work for me of various kinds over the past months. Most of the projects have entailed getting my thousands of slides onto DVD movies (with music added onto the movie). All of his final products have been of excellent quality and Chuck really stands behind his work to ensure that it is properly done. I have enjoyed working with Chuck and his staff.

– San Diego, CA

Jeanie Rex

Thank you so much for the great work you did transferring my ancient 38 year old 8mm home movies onto DVD! You did a beautiful job in a very limited amount of time. I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the cost was. Now, everyone in my family can share the great memories and enjoy all of the movies of my children when they were babies! Thank you for preserving such precious images.

– Challenge Center

Anne Henderson

Our family was so grateful to find DVD Your Memories after my mom passed away. We worked with Chuck to create a video of her life that we showed at her memorial service. It was such an amazing tribute to her that many people asked us for copies of it after the service. Chuck has the ability to integrate various types of media together capturing the essence of a person in 20 minutes!!! It takes a special talent to balance all that goes into a project like this. I have watched it many, many times and it still moves me to tears every time!

– And the whole Meadowcroft Family
San Diego, CA

David Whaley

Everything was great. Customer service is great. It’s all good! As always, you’ve done an excellent job.

– San Diego, CA

Peggy Griffith

You did the impossible. It was a rush and I appreciate it so much. This was 50-year-old film of our family that was in boxes in my dad’s trailer house in Oregon. We didn’t know where to take it or anything about the technology, and everyone in my family was avoiding the project. I came to your office and I really felt that your staff treated me with respect, despite the last minute holiday timing. Also, your parking lot needs to be more convenient and I would recommend exterior signage on the building. I almost didn’t come in last summer.

– San Diego, CA