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Why Us?

Our customers are extremely choosy when it comes to picking a partner to digitize their memories. They want to preserve their media; they want to play tapes and see images that haven’t been played or seen in years and they don’t have the equipment; they want to share these treasures with they whole family; and they want to organize and downsize the footprint of their collection.

It can be overwhelming, and there is real anxiety in trusting a company with their treasured memories.

So, why do they choose us? Here is what they’ve told us through surveys and reviews:

If you are unable to reach one of our four locations, simply place your order online. ORDER ONLINE

We are the Easiest Option

We make it so easy to do business with us. Bring your media just as it is into one of our convenient locations. Any of our technicians can help you, but chances are you may even meet the technician that is going to do the work for you when you place your order. We will discuss your specific needs, write up the order, go over it with you to make sure everything is perfect, and then very shortly thereafter you will get a call to tell you your order is ready. It’s just that simple. And if you have questions it is easy to get your technician on the phone.

We are the Safest Option.

If you look at our yelp or google reviews you’ll find that the word “trust” appears over and over in them. Our customers trust us. Since 2006 we have handled millions of pieces of media and never lost or damaged a single piece. In fact, we often give our customer’s media back to them in better shape than they brought it to us. Our approach of doing everything in house, and usually having a single technician handle the entirety of an order, means that our ability to keep your media safe and secure is as good as it gets.

We are the Fastest Option

Our turnaround times usually run from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the size of the order. Contrast that with what happens when you box up your media and ship it blind to one of the online providers that have their offices out of state or out of country. Contrast that with what happens if you take your media to one of the big brand retailers or warehouse wholesalers that know nothing about the service, but box up your precious memories and ship them out of state to a third party provider.

We are the most Enjoyable Option

Our customers repeatedly tell us that they enjoy doing business with us because of our friendly, professional, and knowledgeable technicians. That’s it. That’s our secret sauce: Friendly, Professional, and knowledgeable technicians. They love what they do, and they are literally the best in the industry at it.

We are the Highest Quality Option

Our technicians are able to be so much more hands-on with your media that we are able to provide a service with much more attention to detail and quality. Our image scanning service includes three points of quality control for every single image. Our Premium film service includes lighting and color correction. We offer very high quality video files (MOV and AVI)…not just the standard MP4 compressed files. Our technicians take meticulous care, and if something DOES go wrong, it is easy to get it diagnosed and fixed because you always know exactly who to speak to.

We are the Most Consistent Option

Most of our customers prefer to handle their digitizing projects in a series of orders with us. They may start with a smaller order, and gradually build to having us digitize their whole collection. Throughout that process they will usually build a relationship with the technician that they started with. We have seen those relationships become important to the customer AND to our tech. You are, after all, sharing your family history with us.

If you are unable to reach one of our four locations, simply place your order online. ORDER ONLINE