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Elizabeth W.

I dicovered DVD Your Memories quite by accident. It moved in next to my pilates class. I had 1,200 slides that my dear dad had taken of our family in the early years gathering dust in my garage. I wanted to do something to preserve the memories as well as be able to view and relive the memories. Well, I took all 1,200 slides in and Rustyn did an amazing job of organizing all the slides on each carousel into labeled data disks and proof sheets. My sisters and I have had so much fun viewing our childhoods and making copies of special pictures for framing and/or DVD slideshows. The grandkids love looking at their parents as little kids! Since then I have had data disks and proof sheets of all my trips. Blake has made some wonderful DVD slideshows and I have enjoyed sharing them with friends and family. I highly recommend DVD Your Memories you will not be disappointed in the results. The entire staff is excellent at what they do and as a customer you are treated with courtesy and respect.

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