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Scott Resnikoff

As a business who’s motto is ‘Bringing your footage to life’, we were quite picky when choosing a vendor for our film transfers. A families old home movies are precious heirlooms cherished by many. They are a wonderful bridge linking generations of old with generations yet to come and as such should be handled with the utmost care. We truly did our due diligence by sending out the same 2 sample rolls of 8mm to 4 different vendors including DVD Your Memories. Each time we received a DVD we assessed for quality (including clarity, light exposure, speed, and graininess), how long the transfer took, price, and customer service. By the end of our trial we had a clear winner in DVD Your Memories. Not only did the quality of our decades old film transfer surpass all comers, they were also very helpful and open with the process behind the transfer and returned our DVD on time and at a very reasonable price point. Thank you Richard, Adam, and all the rest for providing a much needed service!

– Orange County, CA

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