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Amanda Hernandez

My parents have wanted to start transferring their home videos to DVD for some time now. It was the perfect opportunity when DVD your Memories agreed to transfer their wedding video to DVD in exchange for a review on my blog. The services that this company provides is very affordable and great quality. For example, to transfer a video to DVD costs from $15-30 which is great! My parents were very impressed with the quality of their new DVD. Here is what my Dad said about it “I sent in 2 VCR tapes that were almost 25 years old. They were getting a little dimmer. They came back in a nice case labeled as I requested, along with my original tapes. I found the quality of the DVD picture to be better than the tape that I sent in, and was very happy that my wedding video was transferred to a modern format.” They would also consider using this company for the rest of their videos that need to be transferred. Thanks DVD your Memories for your great service!

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