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Cynthia C.

I had been wanting to convert some of my old vhs home movies into dvd. I had no clue where to get this done. I looked up such services on Yelp and found these guys. I went to the place and it’s pretty hidden, it’s located with in the claremont mesa business area, so when you drive there all you see is a bunch of business buildings. These guys are located upstairs at their address. I was very impressed, they were very professional and informative. I took in two tapes and only had an estimate of how long they were. They explained that they charge by however long the content of the tape is. So they did, my tapes turned out to be a total of 4 hours, so it cost me $50 to transfer on to dvd. This was all done within a reasonable time period of one and a half weeks. They called me when the dvds were ready for pick-up. I’ve watched my videos and the transfer quality was great! I highly recommend these guys, they have other services as well.

– La Mesa, CA