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The Film Industry and DVDs: a 2023 Retrospective

10 Ways DVDs Changed the Film Industry, a 2023 Retrospective 10. The VHS Revolution When the VHS Tape format made movies readily accessible in the family home, movie studio executives in the film industry were worried. If people didn’t have to go to the cinema to watch a movie, where were the profits going to...
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The Business of Memory

“Oh…this picture here is from our first little store on the main strip in town.  This was when we were first getting started…” We are in the business of memories.   My friend, the industrial designer Stuart Karten, once told me, “In your business you have to find a way to get as close to...
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BREAKING:  We’re back on Saturdays!

Saturday Hours for Pick Up and Drop Off Now Available!! WE are pleased to let you know that in order to better and more conveniently serve you our offices in West LA, Irvine, and San Diego will be open for business with new hours on Saturdays starting on Jul 16, 2022.  Many of you have...
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