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Film Transfer

Benefits of Transferring Your Media Locally!

DVD Your Memories is one of the few companies primarily built for our local customers who wish to transfer their old memories and convert them to a more modern format, such as local VHS to DVD in Orange County, slide scanning to DVD Los Angeles, and transfer audio cassettes to CD. VHS tapes in particular...
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Preparing Your 8mm Film for Transfer

To ensure that your film to DVD transfer achieves the best possible quality, cleaning and conditioning your film prior to transfer is crucial. Cleaning and prepping your film for transfer can be a time-consuming process, but will ensure optimal transfer quality. There are actually several different factors that can lead to quality issues of 8mm...
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More Than 70 Percent Of America’s Silent Films Are Gone!

A study from the Library of Congress reveals for the first time how many feature films produced by U.S. studios during the silent film era still exist, what condition they’re in and where they are located. As you may have guessed, the news isn’t great. According to the study, nearly 75 percent of American silent...
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How to Clean 8mm Film

By now, your precious family film collection is probably not quite in the same shape it once was. It can be dry, brittle or curled and might even smell a little like vinegar. These degradation symptoms are what happens to older film if left untouched for long periods of time. Depending on the severity of...
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Film Transfer San Diego

Our services of film transfer in San Diego can provide you with high quality digital copies of your 8mm film, 16mm film or Super 8 film film on DVD, Blu-Ray or DV-AVI video. This can be great as gifts, or as a way to store your family memories for years to come. The first step...
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How to Tell If Your Super8 or 8mm Film Has Sound

Did you know that home movie film could contain sound? It’s probably been so many years since you checked that you have no clue if your family film has sound or not. Thankfully enough, it’s pretty easy to tell if your film holds audio just by taking a quick glance at it and knowing what...
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How Does Film Work?

Although the video is from the 80s, it does a good job of showing you exactly how film works, and the process behind it. Watch Deane Hutton explain that it’s mostly just a trick you play on your eyes. Check out our film to DVD San Diego services!
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