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Video: How to Splice 8mm Film Using Film Cement

Here is an informative video that displays how to go about splicing film using a splicing kit and some film cement. This is something that comes standard with every film to DVD order here at DVD Your Memories. We make sure all of your film is neatly spliced together, and fix any splices that have...
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How to Set Up an 8mm Film Projector and Watch Your Home Movies

If you still have held onto your old 8mm film projector, you’ve probably forgotten how to properly set it up to watch your old home movies recorded on 8mm film. The video below is a short demonstration on how to fully set up an 8mm film projector to begin watching your movies. This is a...
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How Many Feet of Film Fit on a Reel?

We often get the question of how much feet of film each standard sized reel holds. This is good information to have handy, especially if you’re planning for a film to DVD conversion in San Diego, Orange County or Los Angeles. Film reels typically come in 3 different sizes, which are the three inch reels,...
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Is Your Film Wrinkled or Curled? It Can Still Be Converted!

If you’ve ever been digging around and found the old family films and smelled a strong hint of vinegar, this could be trouble for your film! This smell is what’s associated with what’s called vinegar syndrome, which is a term that describes a breakdown of the chemicals and emulsion of your film. This deterioration also...
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What is Film Made Of?

What is film made of? Many of us have seen the traditional roll or reel of film. The most common type we see when we are doing film to DVD orders is 8mm film. There is also quite a bit of Super 8 and 16mm film out there as well. But of course we’ve all...
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How to Splice and Clean 8mm Film – 8mm Film Cleaning & Splicing

Before film is viewed, or ready to transfer to DVD, it must first be properly cleaned and inspected for breaks in the film. If no film cleaning is done, the film will appear dark, grainy, and often times much harder to watch. To properly clean and lubricate your film, you’re going to want to get...
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A Hand-Held Digital Camcorder that Looks like 8mm Film!

A neat little toy has been found for the 8mm film enthusiast. The camcorder is called the Fuuvi Bee Camera, and it’s actually capable of shooting over 100 minutes of footage on a single charge. What makes it even more interesting, is that because of the low specs on the camera, the resulting footage has...
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