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Benefits of Blu-ray vs DVD

The benefits of Blu-ray vs. DVD For a while now, DVDs have been the standard format for optical media, as it holds much more data than CD-R and is more versatile by allowing the user to store data such as images and photos, but also create playable Movies and audio discs from DVDs. By now,...
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Save Money on Summer Gas Prices and at DVD Your Memories by Taking the Metro!

The Culver City stop of the newly built Metro Exposition line is now open, and it stops just in front of our Los Angeles store! Phase 1 of the $930-million light rail Expo Line is now complete, marking the first time these trains will serve this part of the city since the old Red Trolley...
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DVD Your Memories Top Service in Southern California

DVD Your Memories has been working hard to be the top rated media transfer company in Southern California. We want every one of our customers to experience the joy and happiness of reviving their memories onto digital formats for the whole family to enjoy. Our stores provide media transfer services in California from San Diego...
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Guidelines and Tips for Shipping Your Video Tapes

Thousands of items are shipped around the world each day, arriving right on time to the correct destination. Shipping your memories can make some people worried, mostly because there are no replacements for these items. They are truly unique and one of a kind, and once lost, they are gone forever. Some common questions potential...
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How to Get Photos Off Old Floppy Disks

Back in the old days, there were no such things as USB flash drives, portable hard drives and WiFi. To transfer data from one computer to another, you had to load your data onto floppy disks. Many people have fond memories loading basic programs, documents and scanning photos onto these disks to bring to class...
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More Artwork Crafted From VHS, Audio Cassettes and Film!

In the past, I’ve covered different types of arts and crafts people have made out of their old media such as VHS, slides and photos. This week, we have another entry of VHS and audio cassette tape art that have been crafted entirely of the contents of the tape. This would be awesome to do...
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DVD Your Memories Sponsorship in April

5th Annual Cinco de Mayo Trail Run The Cinco de Mayo Trail Run was launched by the Valley Elementary Educational Foundation in 2007 to raise money for Valley Elementary School in Poway. Each year the event has grown, and, in 2010, the race became a fundraising opportunity for several schools in the Poway area. It’s...
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