PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed on Monday May 27 for Memorial Day.
PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed on Monday May 27 for Memorial Day.

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Rizzoma, New Online Collaboration Tool

At DVD Your Memories, we often need to get many people, across many stores, involved in a discussion. Trying to schedule a meeting where everyone is free, and everyone has to be there for the entire thing, is often more trouble than it is worth. We’ve tried a lot of software solutions, in all cases the organizational qualities made contributions confusing and hard to follow. That is, until we found Rizzoma.

Rizzoma is exactly what we were looking for; it’s a space where comments and responses are well organized and intuitive, where individuals can review and comment on their own time, and all relevant information can stay, easy to access, for everyone involved without making information hard to sift through.

For example, several employees get together once a month to put together a “news update” for our employees, which can include announcing top sales people, upcoming company events, new technology we’re interested in (like, say… Rizzoma?), etc.. People could then comment, post photos, share, and add to the company’s history, as well as see past updates. These would get pretty long, but it was great to refer new employees to it and show them who we are, and what we get excited about. It’s a pretty good reflection of our culture.

We also have a newsletter that goes out to our customers, which typically has a theme, a promotional item, and some other interesting information about our company. Rizzoma makes brainstorming on this stuff really easy, since we just create a new topic, list basic elements, and everyone can give suggestions. People comment on what they like, what might or might not work, and likelihood of success. The staff contributes, whenever they have time over the next couple days, and then we know what direction we’re going to go with the newsletter.

Part of the brilliance of Rizzoma is that even when people are working on or adding to a topic at different times, it’s very easy to tell what they’re commenting on, as well as the fact that a new comment has been made on that topic, due to the way the information is organized. This feature alone has increased our productivity and decreased time spent in meetings, and has eliminated email chains, people asking to forward or resend responses, and conversation context being lost in all of the cross responses; All commentary, context, and relevant information is right there for all participants to see.

Frankly, we think it’s awesome. Try it out for yourself at

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