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Preservation Week: Pass It On!

Throughout the country and the world, there are still millions of pieces of analog media in storage, desperately needing to be converted into a digital format before time takes it’s toll. In 2005 the first comprehensive national survey of the condition and preservation needs of the nation’s collections reported that U.S. institutions hold more than...
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DVD Your Memories – NEW Pricing!

We are excited to announce that we just lowered our pricing on ALL media transfer services, and this pricing is here to stay! DVD Your Memories pricing is now simpler, more uniform and competitive for all of our awesome services. Thank you to all of our customers for your support and and your interest in...
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Are Your Memories Safe? Free Hurricane Sandy Infographic

How would you feel if every home movie and photograph of your kids, parents, and friends were gone in an instant? How would you ever replace those invaluable memories? When preparing for the thought of a natural disaster such as a flood, fire, tornado, or hurricane many of us think about those precious belongings we...
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Stuck Finding Gifts? Here’s a Unique Gift for Any Occasion

Gift giving is a special way to show someone you care about them. Sure, you could always go out and buy a few gift cards to iTunes and call it a day. Now, this is completely fine for some occaisions, but once in a while it’s important to give a gift that’s both unique, personal...
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Effects of Keeping Video Tapes, Photos and Other Media in Storage Units

Storage units are great for many types of people and families, providing a simple solution for an over-cluttered home or to keep your belongings secured either temporarily or long-term while in the middle of a move. With the boom in popularity of shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, more and more people are being...
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Share the Gift of Memories This Valentine’s Day

Memories are powerful. Memories are one of the few things we can possess in this life that can never be taken from us. Our recordings of those moments, however, can be lost. If those recordings are stored in older media formats such as video tapes, they are even greater risk. Older media formats are much...
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Passing Down Your Legacy in Media Form!

As human beings, it’s common for us to want to to pass down something to our children for them to remember us by. Before photography and video cameras, we had no real way to see how things were in the past, apart from drawings and paintings, and most of what was known about family history...
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