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Retro VHS Skin for Laptops, iPad, iPods

If you’re one of those who like to skin your iPad or other mobile device, then check out one of the new skins from artist Hollis Brown Thornton which looks just like an old stack of VHS tapes. The handwritten titles of the movies are even relevant of the times these things occupied our homes....
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Transfer to Blu-ray Coming Soon to DVD Your Memories

In just a couple of short weeks, we will be launching our new Blu-ray transfer service. What is Blu-ray? Blu-ray Disc (BD) often referred to as just “Blu-ray” is the name of the new format designed to replace DVD. The format was developed primarily for the new high-definition media revolution, as well as storing large...
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Media Transfer Labs

Media Transfer Labs is the new sister company to DVD Your Memories that specializes in media transfer and manipulation for businesses. We focus on some core services that benefit a wide array of businesses allowing them to grow and leverage additional resources to meet their demands. Media transfer and conversion Many companies have data stored...
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Recycled DVD Art, Sculptures From Old CD and DVDs

Instead of throwing away his old CD and DVDs, Sean Avery has found a unique use for his old media. He creates stunning sculptures using the shattered remains of his old CD and DVD collection. Check out some of the awesome artwork he’s created below. Who knew DVDs could be so useful outside of the...
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DVD Your Memories Donations February 2012

DVD Your Memories is proud to sponser and donate for the following organizations and events this month: National Breast Cancer Coalition Since NBCC’s founding in 1991, it has changed the world of breast cancer—in public policy, science, industry and advocacy—by creating new partnerships, collaborations, research funding opportunities and avenues for access to quality care. Heartlight...
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Scan Slides Using Household Items!

If you’re ever in a pinch, and need to scan slides or negatives using household items, this is for you! With just a simple toilet paper roll and a DSLR camera, you can take fairly decent scans of your slides with no high-end equipment necessary. For true archival quality, we always recommend using a dedicated...
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Top 3 Photo Apps for Smartphones

Instagram Likely the most popular of the hand-held photo apps, Instagram offers tons of features to enhance your photos taken with your smart phone. Instagram is full of custom filters and settings that you can apply, as well as a huge user base of over 15 million people! You can upload your photos, or instantly...
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