PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed on Monday May 27 for Memorial Day.
PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed on Monday May 27 for Memorial Day.

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Using Social Media to Reconnect With Family

Sharing your videos and images online can be a great way to show people a window into your life. However, some of your media you don’t want the WHOLE world to see, maybe just your friends and family instead. In this case, you can use the power of social media to share your images to only the people you choose to. A great method to do this would be to create a Facebook group that has limited access to only your friends and family. As the group organizer, you can upload photos, post messages, invite others and a whole bunch of other neat features that will help you connect with people in your extended family. Uploaded images and video and tagging the people in the media will help spark up conversations about the old memories, and help people rekindle old friendships or reunite with far away relatives. This service is great to use especially if you just finished a large photo scanning or slide scanning order of images that people haven’t ever seen, or haven’t seen in the long time. This can also be useful to indentify people in your photos that you may not be familiar with. You can upload the image in question, and allow the people in the group to comment on the photo to tell you more information. To create your Facebook family group, click the link below to get started!

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