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VHS to Digital Transfer Improved Quality Guide

Improving Quality of VHS to Digital Transfers Why Does Your Tape Look Worse? The vast majority of video tapes simply don’t look as good as when you either purchased or recorded on to them 20 years ago. Color degradation, flickering, tracking issues, and other problems simply tend to happen when tapes get older. Sun damage,...
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How Long Do VHS Tapes Last?

With VHS tapes and other magnetic-recorded media, there is no definitive time-line for when the tape will “die” or cease playing in a VCR. In fact, most tapes recorded from back in the 80’s still play without any major issues, although many do exhibit color damage and other detrimental effects. When VHS tapes were first...
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How to Upload VHS Tapes to Youtube + Other Video Tape Formats

Youtube is a great service allowing anyone with an internet connection to upload digital videos indefinitely onto their servers to share with others. Since Youtube was developed after digital video had already gained massive popularity around the globe, it’s a bit more complicated to upload analog video sources, such as what you’d find on VHS...
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What is the Best VHS-C Adapter?

Back when the VHS format reigned supreme, it actually had two different sizes. There was the standard VHS tape that everyone knows and there was also the VHS-C. VHS-C tapes are basically compact versions of the VHS tape, made smaller to fit the much more desirable handheld camcorders. The creators of this tape felt they...
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How To Transfer and Capture MiniDV Tapes to Your Computer

MiniDV tapes are a great medium for recording and capturing memories on video. The camcorders are small and compact, and the tapes even smaller, making carrying it with you an ease. MiniDV is a pretty versatile format, with many camcorders providing additional outputs for making capturing to your computer easier such as Firewire or USB....
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Turn Old VHS Cases into Retro Spiral-Bound Notebooks

There’s all sorts of different things you can do with your old media. With old VHS tapes, you can make a variety of cool things like this awesome spiral-bound notebook made from the front of old VHS tapes. has a great step-by-step guide on how to create your own spiral-bound notepad made from recycled...
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Protecting VHS Tapes, Negatives, and Film From Airport Security

Protect VHS Tapes and Other Media from X-Rays in Airport Security Travelling with Legacy Media: Video Tapes, Film, etc When you take your Video Tapes, Audio Cassettes, Negatives, or Film with you when you travel, stick to a few guidelines. That’ll ensure the safe passage of your media through the X-Ray scanners and luggage screening....
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