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Where to Convert Betamax to DVD

If you were around during the early to mid-80’s, you may remember the battle between Betamax vs. VHS. During a brief window when these tape formats were first released, consumers had the choice of either purchasing a new Betamax machine from Sony, or a VHS player, or VCR, from the JVC company. Due to a...
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Record Your Life Story to Create Your Own Living Legacy

When I was a child, I remember my grandfather used to tell us all sorts of funny and exciting stories of his adventures across the world, how life was like for him growing up with his family, and other interesting quips about his life. Unfortunately, he passed before any of his wonderful tales were recorded....
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Why VHS Wasn’t So Bad After All

As demonstrated by two documentaries screening in L.A. this week, obsolescence need not imply irrelevance. Monday night at Cinefamily, Josh Johnson’s Rewind This! provided a people’s history of VHS; tomorrow night at the Nerdist Showroom and then again at the Egyptian on Friday, Dan Kinem and Levi Peretic’s Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of...
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Using Digital Media to Enhance Your Wedding

So if you’re planning your wedding, the first thing you’ll probably ask yourself is what are the must haves for the event? One of the first choices you’ll make is where the venue will be. Often times, couples like to choose a spot with beautiful scenery, or a spot that symbolizes something important in the...
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How to Clean Your VCR: The Safest Method

Cleaning Your VCR: The Right Way   Why Your VCR is Dirty If you’ve noticed a drop in the quality of the picture you’re getting from your VCR, be it general fuzziness, static, or lines through the picture, your VCR probably needs to be cleaned. The element in your VCR that’s probably dirty is the...
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How To Clean a VHS Tape and Avoid Common Types of Damage

How to Clean a VHS Tape, and Avoiding Damage in Future What to Do if Your Tapes are Damaged The most important thing, by far, is not to play the tapes. Playing damaged tapes often makes the damage worse, and in some cases even damages your VCR. Repair your tapes (or have a professional do...
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Converting Your Children’s School Plays and Musicals to DVD!

Ahh, the fond memories of childhood plays, musicals and performances. These are all important memories that families can share for a lifetime. Who knows, this can be first footage of the next great American Idol or Oscar winner! These types of tapes are often very enjoyable to re-watch decades later to show off how great...
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