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Video Tape Transfer

VHS to DVD Transfers – Common Problems With VHS Transfers

Transferring from a VHS tape may seem easy at first glance, but many problems with VHS can arise from something as simple as a VHS to DVD Orange County transfer. Before you begin to transfer any tape, quickly inspect the tape for obvious signs of mold, dirt, cracks, splits, or anything at all that may...
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U-Matic Video Transfer Services in San Diego

U-Matic video tape was one of the first video tape formats to be housed within a cassette, as opposed to the open reel video which was the standard at the time. Conceived by Sony in Japan, U-Matic video tapes were released in the early 1970’s. The video tape was 3/4″ in width, which is a...
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How to Capture Video using Canopus ADVC110

There are many things to think about concerning video transfer in San Diego. Most of us have home video tapes of various people or events that have transpired throughout our lives. Home movies are a great tool to use for social events such as a get-together, holidays, or a nice weekend family night. Nowadays, however,...
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A Brief History of VHS Tapes

We all had them at one point, but what are these things, and where did they come from? Video Home System (VHS) tape and the VHS recorder were developed by a team at the Victor Company of Japan (JVC) in 1976. Videotape is a linear system of storing information. VHS originally stood for Vertical Helical...
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Super C Video Conversion Software- Full of Options, Supports Most File Types, No Spyware, and Free!

During all of my years of working with audio and video, not once have I come across a conversion program more versatile, more configurable, more helpful than Super C. You can get very specific with what you want/need (which may confuse some people, but remember, Google is your friend!) It has a small resource footprint....
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The DVD Your Memories Blog

Congratulations! You found our blog! This is a place where we will post answers to common (and not so common) questions, interesting information about different products and technologies, and lots of other audio/video stuff. As “The Leader in Family Media Transfer,” we can help you take the guesswork out of getting your media transferred, whether...
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