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Convert iPhone Movies to DVD

A while ago, I wrote about how you can transfer your family movies on VHS to iPhone or iPod. Smartphones of today are getting extremely technologically advanced. For something that fits in the palm of your hand, it can do an extraordinary amount of tasks, and do them well. Capturing priceless moments using the built...
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Camcorder Shooting Tips, Creating Perfect Home Movies

There’s a first time for everything, and shooting video with a camcorder is no exception. When you first handle the camera, it can be intimidating, especially if you have no idea what the multiple knobs and switches are for. When shooting important events, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the underlying mechanics of...
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A List of Video Tape Formats, Types of Video Tapes

As technology progresses, we’re constantly switching out the old for the new. Well, as everyone already knows, this also applies to your family media such as video and audio tapes. There’s been so many different tape formats and shifts of technology over the years, it’s hard for anyone to keep track of the model names...
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VHS to DVD Irvine | Video to DVD Irvine

Since our move to Irvine back in June, we’ve been helping people from all walks of life transfer their family’s VHS to DVD, film to DVD, audio tapes to CD, as well as our other great services. With our services extending to the great city of Irvine, DVD Your Memories has quickly risen to the...
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Best Video Players | Top Video Player Applications for PC

Getting certain types videos to play on your home computer can sometimes be a challenge. As computer techonology progresses and gets more and more complicated, the software that comes bundles follows the same path. In this article, you will find the current best video players for PC. The current Windows Media Player is a perfect...
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VHS to DVD Transfers – Common Problems With VHS Transfers

Transferring from a VHS tape may seem easy at first glance, but many problems with VHS can arise from something as simple as a VHS to DVD Orange County transfer. Before you begin to transfer any tape, quickly inspect the tape for obvious signs of mold, dirt, cracks, splits, or anything at all that may...
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