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Top Image Hosting Sites of 2014 and How to Use Them

The internet is full of all kinds of different websites this day and age. Image hosting sites have really boomed in popularity over the years. Do the the sensitive nature of images, these sites offer many advantages ranging from security to ease of use. Most are aware of image hosting of some form, the most...
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Best Way to Scan Scrapbooks to DVD

Scrapbooking is a hobby that, in recent years, has been growing in popularity. The basic idea is to preserve memories in a more fun and creative way. The pages often contain multiple forms of media such as print, photos, newspaper clippings, to help the viewer get a better understanding of the mood and feelings associated...
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Record Your Life Story to Create Your Own Living Legacy

When I was a child, I remember my grandfather used to tell us all sorts of funny and exciting stories of his adventures across the world, how life was like for him growing up with his family, and other interesting quips about his life. Unfortunately, he passed before any of his wonderful tales were recorded....
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Top 5 Photo Scanners of 2013

Both photo buffs and family archivists often turn to flatbed scanners to digitize photographs, slides and negatives. Many of the newer model photo scanners provide some helpful additional features such as the ability to scan non-print formats such as slides and negatives with or without the help of an adapter. Many of these scanners also...
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Tips on Organizing Generations of Family Photos

Keeping your family photos organized is hard enough even if everything’s already digitized, but what do you do when you’re faced with decades of real photographs that aren’t organized at all. Read some tips from some people who have undertaken the task. Learn what helped them out the most and apply it to your project,...
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Awesome “Looking Into The Past” Pictures

“Looking into the past” pictures place past pictures in present day situations. Typically, the camera operator would hold up a vintage image of the same location and match it up with the lens to create a “seamless” effect as a way to blend the modern and vintage photos together. Some of them are spectacular! Source...
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Gift Ideas That You Can Make From Photos

With modern printing technology it’s now possible to create one of a kind items using your favorite photos! Over the last couple of years, there has been a lot of new companies emerging that will help you create completely custom gifts from all kinds of different photos. The trick is, however, that the photos must...
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