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Film Transfer

8mm vs Super 8 Film, What’s the Difference?

8mm vs Super 8 Film Different Film Formats Both 8mm and Super 8 formats of film look really similar at first glance. That makes it hard to determine whether you’ve got your hands on either 8mm or Super8. That’s especially true if you’ve got a collection that contains both types of film. However, spotting the...
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One of the Top Media Transfer Companies in the Country

DVD Your Memories has risen to the top ten family media transfer companies in the nation! By continuing to provide our outstanding service, and quality media transfers, we are sure to be the top media transfer company in the nation! We dedicate ourselves to providing families the chance to preserve and protect their recorded memories...
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8mm Film Transfer Process – Film to DVD

When it comes time to transfer 8mm film to DVD in San Diego, you may be wondering just how it’s done, and what the best quality transfer is. The type of 8mm film transfer service that is performed on your footage can make a world of difference in the end. It’s best to your own...
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8mm to DVD, Premium Film to DVD Transfer

Throughout the years, millions of families have been capturing their memories and lives with hopes of preserving them for future generations. As most of us are aware, these older media types will not stand the test of time and last forever. Luckily, technology has progressed to the point where near complete restoration is possible on...
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Film Transfer to DVD – Ways to Preserve 8mm Film

Years ago, the process of capturing important memories on film often meant a time-consuming and expensive process. In addition to using heavy, awkward equipment, you had to then get the film developed at a facility, and then, most of the time, you had to splice everything together onto a larger reel for continuity. On top...
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