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Negative Scanning

Is It Better to Scan Photos or Negatives? Is there a Difference?

Why Do You Have Negatives in the First Place? If you’ve got a large photo collection, you’ve almost certainly got some photo negatives in it. Maybe you’re wondering why you’ve got them in the first place. The reason is that in order to get a print of your photos, the printing companies needed to use...
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Using Digital Media to Enhance Your Wedding

So if you’re planning your wedding, the first thing you’ll probably ask yourself is what are the must haves for the event? One of the first choices you’ll make is where the venue will be. Often times, couples like to choose a spot with beautiful scenery, or a spot that symbolizes something important in the...
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How to Access and Modify the EXIF Data of Your Digital Photos

What is EXIF data? EXIF stands for exchangeable image file format, and it’s basically extra data tacked onto your image. Back in the old days of film cameras, you had the option of printing a data right onto the photo itself in bright orange or red lettering. This was great to let you know when...
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How to Organize Your Digital Photos and Images, Easy Steps to Keep Your Media Categorized

Many of us have that big box full of old photos, slides and negatives just sitting around collecting dust. Just thinking about digitizing and organizing them can be painful and makes it easy for us to procrastinate! At the same time, most don’t really want to be memory hoarders, especially when they remain in a...
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Creating Web Ready Images

After scanning your photos, slides and negatives to digital images, it’s common for people to want to share these old memories with their close friends and family. However, depending on the resolution your opt for, the images you receive might be too large for your website or image hosting provider. The good news is that...
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A Salute to 4×5 and Large format Photography

One might call these large formats the grandfathers of the analog photo world. Back to the days when Henry Fox Talbot and Louie Jacques-Mandé Daguerre were fighting for the claim of developing a fixed image we today call a photograph, there was always a struggle for quality. Through time the idea of fixing an image...
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Types of Negative Formats – A List of Formats of Negatives

With all of the different types of film and negatives in the word today, it can be a challenge to determine exactly what type of negatives you have. The chart below should help you to identify some of your odd shaped film that you might be prepping for a negative scanningorder. 120/220 Negative -One of the...
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