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DIY Movie Projector, Home-made Projector Using Old Parts

Check out the video below for how to make a custom home movie projector yourself from spare parts around the house! Hook it up to any video source and you can watch your Video to DVD movies on a big screen!
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Video to DVD Discount in San Diego

Our San Diego store is having a special promotion on our video tape transfers. All tapes up to two hours will only cost you $15.00. Save up to 50% off of your video transfer order in San Diego. This promotion is only for video tapes that are being transferred to DVD, and not available with...
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Difference Between Shooting Photos on Film vs Digital

For the last decade or so, nearly everything is going the way of digital. Camcorders, cameras, televisions etc are all now based on digital signals instead of the old analog signals. Due to the switch to digital, this also changes the way we record media. Even movie theaters across the country have begun to abandon...
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Difference Between SP, LP, and EP For Video Tape Recording

You may have noticed that your camcorder or VCR supports different recording modes. These are commonly abbreviated by the letters SP, LP and EP. SP is short for Standard Play. Standard play allows you to record information onto the tape the way it was intended, with no quality loss. By default, VCRs and camcorders will...
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