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The Film Industry and DVDs: a 2023 Retrospective

10 Ways DVDs Changed the Film Industry, a 2023 Retrospective 10. The VHS Revolution When the VHS Tape format made movies readily accessible in the family home, movie studio executives in the film industry were worried. If people didn’t have to go to the cinema to watch a movie, where were the profits going to...
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The Business of Memory

“Oh…this picture here is from our first little store on the main strip in town.  This was when we were first getting started…” We are in the business of memories.   My friend, the industrial designer Stuart Karten, once told me, “In your business you have to find a way to get as close to...
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Creating Art From Google Scanned Images

Andrew Norman Wilson got a lot of attention last year for his Workers Leaving the Googleplex video, which depicted a little-known group of contractors at Google’s HQ, charged with doing the scanning that feeds Google’s mission to digitize every book that it possibly can. While Wilson lost his own contractor job in video production at...
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Benefits of Local Video Transfers, Scanning and Other Media

When dealing with the conversion and transfer of precious family media, many people are apprehensive about shipping their memories across the country. Most are worried about the potential to lose your package in the mail, plus the thought of your media being handled and transferred by someone you’ve never met or spoken to may be...
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Memorex exPressit Template Pack and Labels

Do you use Memorex exPressit Label Maker? It is a great program for quickly printing labels for your media including DVD, CD, diskette and Blu-ray. The program does a great job providing some basic templates to get you started, but sometimes you might need some additional templates that don’t come native to the program, or...
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Epson 10000XL: Large Format Scanner Review

When it comes to scanning oversized photos and prints in a detailed manner, nothing comes close to the Epson 10000XL Wide-Format graphics arts scanner. Although much larger than your typical flatbed scanner, this unit can scan photos and prints sized up to 12.2 by 17.2 inches on one pass! This is great for artists and...
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DIY Movie Projector, Home-made Projector Using Old Parts

Check out the video below for how to make a custom home movie projector yourself from spare parts around the house! Hook it up to any video source and you can watch your Video to DVD movies on a big screen!
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