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Photo Scanning

Your Camera’s Histogram and How it Works

Ever wondered what your camera’s histogram does? Or how it’s used? Watch this short video by John Greengo for CreativeLive which will explain what the histogram actually is, how to read one, and what it means for your photography.
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Top Image Hosting Sites of 2014 and How to Use Them

The internet is full of all kinds of different websites this day and age. Image hosting sites have really boomed in popularity over the years. Do the the sensitive nature of images, these sites offer many advantages ranging from security to ease of use. Most are aware of image hosting of some form, the most...
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Best Way to Scan Scrapbooks to DVD

Scrapbooking is a hobby that, in recent years, has been growing in popularity. The basic idea is to preserve memories in a more fun and creative way. The pages often contain multiple forms of media such as print, photos, newspaper clippings, to help the viewer get a better understanding of the mood and feelings associated...
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Protecting Your Photos in Storage

Since they were first produced, hundreds of millions of photographs have been lost due to deterioration, natural disasters, wars, and many more factors. While sometimes it may simply not be possible to salvage photographs, you can definitely take preventative steps to ensure their longevity and survival of the elements. Whether you’re the current caretaker of...
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Anaheim Photo Scanning Services

Near the Orange County or Anaheim area? If so, did you know that a service for converting your photographs to digital images on DVD was right in your neighborhood? DVD Your Memories is the premier photo, slide and negative scanning service in Southern California and we also specialize in helping our customers transfer their precious...
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Record Your Life Story to Create Your Own Living Legacy

When I was a child, I remember my grandfather used to tell us all sorts of funny and exciting stories of his adventures across the world, how life was like for him growing up with his family, and other interesting quips about his life. Unfortunately, he passed before any of his wonderful tales were recorded....
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Top 5 Photo Scanners of 2013

Both photo buffs and family archivists often turn to flatbed scanners to digitize photographs, slides and negatives. Many of the newer model photo scanners provide some helpful additional features such as the ability to scan non-print formats such as slides and negatives with or without the help of an adapter. Many of these scanners also...
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