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PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed on Monday May 27 for Memorial Day.

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Wedding Slideshows in San Diego – Custom Video Creation

A custom produced slideshow movie can be a great addition to your wedding party. Wedding slideshows are intended to briefly display the lives of both the bride and groom in a touching way. Typically, wedding slide shows are created in three parts. The first part typically displays the images of either the bride or groom, usually starting with baby pictures, and then more images of them progressively older. After both the bride and groom’s images have been displayed, the third part consists of images of both the bride and groom after they have been together, and will usually end with a shot from the wedding party. Many people create slideshows for weddings in order to remind them of their special day and to pass out to the families that attended as well.

Wedding Slideshows San Diego

The first step to creating a slideshow for a wedding is to get ahold of the images you would like to use in the presentation. If the images are not digitized, or scanned, you first must either scan photos yourself, or use a professional photo scanning service in San Diego. Once the images have been digitized, they’re now ready to be inserted into the slideshow creator. There are tons of slideshow creation programs available and most video editing programs come built with an easy slideshow creation tool.

The next crucial step of the wedding slideshow creation process is the music selection. Selecting the right music for the slideshow can really help make it that much better. With wedding slideshows, you generally want to avoid songs with controversial or irrelevant lyrics, such as a “break-up song”, or heavy metal music as it would probably confuse your audience and perhaps give them a headache! Just make sure the music is in good tastes, and choose a song that has significant meaning to the bride and groom.

When creating your first slideshow, it’s easy to get carried away and end up with a slideshow that’s just too long to be practically shown at a party. We’ve found the ideal length for a wedding slideshow to be 2-3 songs or 7-10 minutes long, and each picture should be shown for about 7-10 seconds each. Any longer, and you may start to bore your guests! It’s best to think of the slideshow as a small supplement to the party, not the main attraction.

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