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Tips for Transferring Video 8, Digital 8 and 8mm Video to DVD

If you’re stuck transferring Video 8 or trying to convert video8 to DVDor digital 8, or 8mm video tapes, then you may have already looked for an 8mm or Video 8 VCR adapter to no avail.

As it turns out, there is still a way to convert and transfer video8 tapes to your computer. If you have managed to break, sell, or lose your camcorder over the years, you’re unfortunately going to have to purchase one, or borrow one from a friend in order to do the transfers. Some companies did actually make some standalone decks for playing 8mm tapes, but they much more expensive, larger and clunkier than a camcorder is.

Once you have obtained some way to PLAY the tapes. The next step is to connect them to your computer in order to capture the footage. There are cheap converters that work through your USB port, but the resulting video quality is not as good as other methods. For the highest quality, I recommend using a firewire capture device, such as a Canopus ADVC110. With one of these converters, you can be sure you’ll be getting a high quality output file, instead of a poor quality, encoded on the fly type of file.

Once the video has been captured to your computer, you’re now ready to make DVD movies or upload them to the internet!

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