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About Us

DVD Your Memories was started in 2006 and has since grown to four stores in California and Colorado. Below you will find information about the dedicated individuals who make up our San Diego store.

DVD Your Memories Logo
DVD Your Memories Logo

Sean Williams


An executive with unique global tech industry leadership experience, Sean is privileged to help families, businesses, and organizations preserve their media, tell their stories & celebrate their legacies.

Sean grew up in Southern California. After learning to think & write in the crucible of the English program at UC Santa Barbara, he was fortunate to stumble into a small local startup called Belkin Components. Belkin blasted from its start-up roots as a printer cable company to a worldwide leader in computer connectivity, networking, home automation & accessories. Sean initiated & led some of the key strategic initiatives that drove growth to over $1 billion in sales. Some highlights were leading product development & marketing for the perennial Inc. 500 company, opening up the first European offices & running Europe, Middle East, & Africa region as well as the North & South American operations.

The need to focus on family arose in 2011 & he made the decision to reduce international travel & the insane schedule to leave Belkin. An extensive search for an acquisition opportunity led to a meeting with the founder of DVD Your Memories, a small company making big waves in the media transfer industry. Sean knew that he had found a new purpose and acquired DVD Your Memories in Dec. 2012. Since then he has been focused on the honor and responsibility of being trusted with the most-prized media possessions of families, businesses, organizations, & celebrities. Sean says, “I am fortunate to be working with a team that’s the best in the world at what they do and am grateful to them & to our loyal customers that recognize it. We love what we do.”

Brian Elwell - Store Manager

Brian Elwell

General Manager

As General Manager, Brian is responsible for the operations of all of our labs. He combines impeccable technical credentials with a commitment to customer service and care that is hard to find anywhere (just see our Yelp reviews!!). Growing up in San Jose Brian played the saxophone throughout childhood and developed a deep love and attachment to jazz and funk. After graduating from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in Political Science, Brian spent time abroad in Ethiopia using his computer skills to help scale a new university network there. Returning back to the States, he was originally the videotape technician, but quickly rose to become manager of the DVD Your Memories office in Culver City from it’s opening in 2011 through 2014. A bit of a renaissance man, Brian continues to develop his technical skills through studying coding (Java and Python), and relaxes through his practices of aqua-scaping, cooking, and horticulture (especially Bonsai).

Staff Member

Brandi Mitchell

Controller, Social Media

Brandi Mitchell was a customer of DVD Your Memories before we hired her as our bookkeeper in 2008. She is committed to documenting her life and family history through her camera lens. Her family and friends love following her social media accounts, with posts of both throwback memories and new experiences. Her role at DVD Your Memories has grown to include corporate administration and marketing. She also brings the perspective of an advocate for active aging as the founder of a soccer organization for older women.

Staff Member

Stephanie Barberi

Director of Sales

Stephanie Barberi graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a BFA in photography. She has been invested in both analog and digital photography formats for the last seventeen years. Before coming to DVD your memories, Stephanie worked for numerous artists, gaining hands-on experience in the fine art and photographic world. She is heavily interested in fine art, portrait photography, and street photography. She is constantly shooting and can always be found with a (vintage) film camera on her shoulder. “I believe in grain, golden hour, the romanticism of the Polaroid legacy, and color harmony.” One of Stephanie’s favorite things to do is visit and advise large photographic collections.

Paul Schneider - Store Manager

Paul Schneider

Manager, Culver City Lab

As the Manager of the Culver City store, Paul is committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience when you bring your priceless media to the store. Paul has extensive knowledge of both video and audio formats. He enjoys writing, playing and producing music. In his spare time, Paul enjoys riding Bird scooters on sidewalks and writing anime fanfiction. Hakuna Matata.

Anthony San Nicolas - Store Manager

Anthony San Nicolas

Manager, San Diego Lab

Anthony is the store manager at DVD Your Memories San Diego location and is the longest serving manager in our entire business! He is a graduate of San Diego Platt College where he studied graphic design. After graduation Anthony paired his love of design with his love of games and found himself designing shirts based around the video game industry. He then started collecting retro video game consoles and handhelds. A connoisseur of the old school, his favorite console to collect for is NEC’s Turbo Grafx16. When not applying his encyclopedic knowledge of media preservation to serve our customers in San Diego, he enjoys DJing drum n bass music, promoting electronic music culture, and studying the Japanese language and culture. Ever since he visited Osaka and Kyoto, he dreams about living in Japan while running his own clothing company.