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Super C Video Conversion Software- Full of Options, Supports Most File Types, No Spyware, and Free!

During all of my years of working with audio and video, not once have I come across a conversion program more versatile, more configurable, more helpful than Super C. You can get very specific with what you want/need (which may confuse some people, but remember, Google is your friend!) It has a small resource footprint. You can batch convert multiple files. There are so many options!

I use Super C all the time. One of the features that I particularly like is that you can have it save your new file in the same folder as the one being converted automatically (without a “Save As” prompt). This speeds up the process, as I no longer have to tell it to do this every time. Also, it makes it very easy to find where the files are (instead of searching for some seemingly random default folder). You can also change the bitrate, framerate, dimensions, decoder/encoder combo, boost or diminish volume, exclude audio or video, create animated gif, crop or pad video dimensions with black, encode only a portion of the video, take jpeg snapshots at a certain point, and on and on and on!

It is particularly useful for creating web-ready videos or videos for hand-held devices. It has preset standards for your iPhone, Zune, Nintendo DS, PS3, and PSP. It also has presets for VCD, SVCD, DVD (VOB), 3GP (for cell phones), M-JPEG (for digital picture frames), and “Sequence Of Images” for a “frame dump” of the images that compose the video itself (this one requires a lot of space/processing power for long videos). It also seems that for the “Sequence Of Images” feature, the image quality is pretty good compared to other programs with screen shot/frame dump capabilities. All in all, it’s pretty amazing what it can handle.

Every once in a while I try to do something it won’t do, but every time it’s been because I had a setting incorrect. I just Google the error, and someone before me who had the same problem has already had the answer supplied. Typically it’s the decoder (you change it to a different one, and “TADA!” it works again).

In the world of  San Diego video transfer and conversion, there are many many programs and tools out there. It’s very nice to have just ONE that works for almost everything, and doesn’t install a bunch of junk! I’m sure you understand if you’ve looked for free utilities before how much garbage and clutter you end up with in experimenting to find something that’s going to do what you need. Well, no more!

You can get Super C at their website. The catch is finding the download link among the ads! Don’t worry, the ads are all work safe. This is the only gripe I have. But hey, if I have to find a download link among some non-offensive ads for such a great program, I’ll do it every time.

-Bryan Clark

3 Responses
  1. Dana Todd

    Yikes! I almost got fooled by one of the banner ads for! When the page loaded, a big “download now” button was on the screen and I thought it was Super C. As I started to click the button to download, though, I noticed the URL was Google Adsense and realized it was a very clever ad placement. Argh, so rude. I’ll bet a lot of people do that, and end up downloading the wrong program thinking that it’s Super C.

    Thanks for the referral to the program, though – looking forward to trying it out.

  2. Yeah I’m sure it happens all the time, you’d think they’d make it easy to find their own product, but I suppose they need to make money on the ads at the same time >:)

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