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PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed on Monday May 27 for Memorial Day.

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Photo Scanning/Organizing With Corel Photo Album 6

Janet is a friend of my mom’s. It seems when you work in an industry that specializes in photo scanning in San Diego you’re expected to know everything! Thank goodness for Google, since I knew what the problem was and how to solve it, but not the specific steps for Corel Photo Album 6. Picasa as well as iPhoto have similar formats of how they handle what they show you in the organizer. “Hey Guru, help me out! I’ve begun to scan photos on my own, and in the meantime, have installed Greeting Card Factory. My issue is that ever since, when I try to organize using Corel Photo Album 6, all these weird images from that program come up! How do I get rid of these?! It’s messing up my slideshows! Thanks, Janet” So here’s the deal- Picasa and Corel Photo Album (not all inclusive) only show you what they’re programmed, or told, and sometimes this is not what you want. The way to change this is to change what folders they are searching for the media they show. The way to do this in Corel Photo Album 6 is: -Open Corel Photo Album. -On the Corel Photo Finder dialog -Click the Custom Folders option, and then click the remove button for every folder you do not want cataloged (the folders created by Greeting Card Factory or any others you do not recognize), and add those that you wish to include. For Picasa, it’s: -Open Picasa. -Go to “Tools” then “Folder Manager” -There should be a list here, in the bottom right, of all folders ALWAYS watched for new media. On the left is the explorer representation of your folders, including the ones in the list. Remove and add folders as you like, and it will start updating as soon as you hit OK. There are plenty of other programs that work the same way. Hope this helps you out Janet.

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