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Memorex exPressit Template Pack and Labels

Do you use Memorex exPressit Label Maker? It is a great program for quickly printing labels for your media including DVD, CD, diskette and Blu-ray. The program does a great job providing some basic templates to get you started, but sometimes you might need some additional templates that don’t come native to the program, or perhaps you’re just looking to expand your library of different templates. At any rate, it’s a handy thing to have just in case you ever end up needing them. Rather than scouring the web for the template file you need, chances are you’ll find it in the downloadable pack we created below. These are great for labeling your disks and media, especially after transferring to a digital format like video to DVD, or audio cassette to CD transfers! We’ve gathered hundreds of different label template files including templates for: -CD Cards -CD/DVD Cases -CD/DVD Labels -CD/DVD Lightscribe -CD/DVD Printers -Diskette Labels -Audio/Video Tape Labels -DAT Tape Labels -Zip/Jazz Labels Download printer template pack – 2.20MB Note: The template files in this pack are in .STD format, which can be read by other programs, in addition to Memorex exPressit Label Maker.

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  1. Joseph Ascone

    I can create a label but for some eason the label won’t print. I think it occurred after a microsoft update. Any suggestions?

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