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Easily Categorize Church Audio and Prepare For Archiving

Storing, managing, and cataloging a large library of audio can be a daunting task. Need to move? Did one of your decks just eat a tape? Does a church member need a copy of one of the sermons? Can’t find the recording with the sermon you’re looking for? When you’ve got thousands tapes, cassettes or reels, just finding what you need quickly can take hours, and organization, maintenance, and distribution make the task of managing the archives a task that very few would look forward to. If your cataloging system has evolved without updating the old media, you’ll be begging for mercy fairly fast. You can stop begging, because we’ve got a solution that will solve all of these problems, and it will turn your archival misery into archival joy.

We can take your current cabinets full of tapes and remove virtually every limitation and liability their current format presents to you. By converting the vast collection of cassettes, records and reel to reel audio to CD, you open a whole new world of options in the digital world.

Need to save space?
We can take 50 years of sermons, literally thousands of audio cassettes, and after digital conversion, store them in the size of a shoe box.

Need to keep them safe from the effects of aging and disaster?
Once you digitize the audio, you can store an extra copy on a second system, in your safe, at the bank, or using one of the many online back-up providers. In their digital format, the quality is the same, regardless of how many times you play them, how many copies you make, or how long they’ve been sitting idle.

Do you want to sell or share access to your congregation?
Once you digitize your media, it’s easy and inexpensive to distribute the files online. Here’s an example of a church that did just that, after we converted their media:

Need your library “keyword” searchable, organized and sortable by date, speaker, and times?
When you’re working with digital files, organization becomes a breeze. Find anything you’re looking for with just a few keystrokes instead of searching through case after case. If you use a digital asset management software, record keeping for these files becomes even easier! Your keywords, information, and description link up to the file location on your computer (or server).

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