PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed on Monday May 27 for Memorial Day.
PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed on Monday May 27 for Memorial Day.

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DVD Duplication and Custom Video Creation – Our Other Great Services

At DVD Your Memories, we believe the customer should have the final say as to how their product looks. Every order processed in our San Diego or Orange County offices are fine-tuned to the customers exact wants and needs. We understand that not every customer is the same, and everyone has a different end-goal when it comes to digitizing their lives. Many people would be fine with a straight video to DVD transfer, however, some people want a little bit more customization options. For example, when you bring us a VHS to DVD order, you have the option for customized DVD insert art, and even custom art printed directly onto the disc itself! This is an excellent way to show off your newly created graduation slideshow movie, and give copies to your best friends!

In addition to custom artwork, we also have the ability to create duplicate copies of any of your DVDs within minutes! For a low cost, we can duplicate any of your DVDs and put them onto our 100-year archival DVD as well as replicate the same custom art! This is very advantageous, especially if your video is a big hit at your next social gathering.

We also specialize in creating custom videos from all sorts of different media. Many times we have clients that would like to have short clips pulled from their old videos, slides, and film in order to create a professional custom video. You even add more personalization and life to your custom video by having the option to provide a voice-over using our studio-quality microphone right here in our local offices.

Now that digital-information has entered the world of high-definition, many consumer-level camcorders have started supporting 720p and 1080p high definition recording. In response to the increasing demand for high def video transfers, DVD Your Memories now has the capability to transfer HD videos to either Blu-Ray, DVD, or a hard drive.

No matter what kind of cool idea you have, you can be assured that we can work with you as closely as possible in order to create the perfect video to take with you for a lifetime.

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