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Photo ScaningPhoto Scanning

Fast. Safe. Easy. High quality. Handled with care – IN HOUSE, by humans that care. We use only high quality flatbed scanners – NO document scanners! Proven over many years and millions of scans. Whether you have a handful of photos you need scanned urgently for a big event, or an archive of tens of thousands of photos of historical import, our process makes it easy for you. Whether your photos are meticulously archived or chaotically dumped in bins, we can work with your photos exactly as they are. Our unique process will provide an organized, permanent digital record that can be cherished for generations.

Audio Transfer

There is something magical about audio. Tapes and Discs can be a time machine: Old cassette mixtapes that remind you of days gone by; Reel to reel tapes that have voices on them you haven’t heard in many years; Musical performances from the past. Favorite LPs with performances that are unavailable in digital formats; important recordings of conversations on micro cassettes. We create permanent digital archives of your audio media. Our audio technicians are experts in capturing optimal sound from your LPs, 45s, 78s, cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, and many other audio formats. You’ll get your audio archive back on a thumb drive, an external hard drive, or CDs.

Video Tape TransferVideo Tape Transfer

Your videotapes hold your most treasured memories: childhood milestones, sporting accomplishments, weddings, anniversaries, family history interviews, artistic performances, and on and on. Why would you risk loss or damage of those memories by mailing or shipping them? Why would you drop them off at a retail establishment or wholesale warehouse that knows nothing about digital archiving and just boxes them up and ships them on to another state or country for processing? Our videotape processing is done IN HOUSE by highly trained technicians that specialize and focus ONLY on preserving your videotape memories into a permanent digital archive. We handle ALL video tape formats…even old professional studio formats and international PAL formats. We can give your video archive back on a thumb drive, and external hard drive, or on 100 year archival DVDs.

Negative ScanningNegative Scanning

Our highly trained technicians scan ALL negative formats in high resolution by hand, in house. 35mm, 120 (Medium Format), 110, 126, 16mm, APS, and Disc Film negatives are all scanned using highest quality Nikon and Noritsu scanners in resolutions up to 4000dpi. Our equipment, process, and quality control means that your negatives will receive the same treatment that our professional archivists university, museum clients insist on when they trust us with their large collections.

Film Transfer

8mm, Super8, 16mm…Those old film reels carry some of the most precious memories that we hold dear. Time is of the essence, however, because every day that film is in storage it is deteriorating. Our film transfer process will give you a permanent digital archive of all your film, either on a thumb drive, external hard drive, or 100 year archival DVD. Our Premium process includes real time capture with the close attention of our technician who will adjust each scene to optimize lighting during the capture. Then, in post, we perform color correction to make sure that the color pallete of your digitized film is vibrant, authentic, and as originally intended. All of this is done by hand, in house!

Slide ScaningSlide Scanning

Those old slides sitting in the trays and carousels in your garage are full of the most precious memories. But they are not getting any younger – and their color is shifting! Our highest quality Nikon 5000 and 9000 scanners handle all slide formats: 35mm, 110, 126, 127, 120, 3D Stereo. Bring those slides in exactly as they are and our expert scanning technicians will bring them back to vibrant life in a high quality, high resolution, organized, permanent digital archive.

Video Tribute

Video Tribute

Our tribute videos are the PERFECT way to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday, retirement, or memorial ceremony. We offer many various editing services that allow you to weave together your story using photos, video clips, film clips, audio, title slides, music, and voiceovers. Our video tribute service consistently delivers joy, tears, laughter, and hundreds of repeat playbacks. Put our editors to work for you!

DVD Conversion

DVD and Mini DVD Conversion to Digital Files

Our video technicians are experts in extracting data from DVDs and MiniDVDs. This process allows the material from single discs or large disc archives to be converted to digital files that can be stored directly on computer hard drives, thumbdrives, external hard drives, or in the cloud. Many families and organizations have their important data and memories preserved on DVDs, so this is a logical next step to more permanently and flexibly store their archive. Please note: we don’t break copy protection, and we don’t convert copyrighted films from DVD to digital files.

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