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Splicing Film to DVD in Los Angeles… No Power? No Problem!

Well a couple days ago, the power went out at our Culver City store for a short while. After some quick investigation, we discovered that not only was our office out of power, but the entire city block was also affected by the outage. While other hundreds of other confused businesses and employees were wondering...
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DVD Your Memories Sponsoring for 2011

DVD Your Memories takes pride in helping out our communities. We sponser a wide variety of organizations each year because we know how beneficial it can be to these groups. Here’s a quick peek at some of the organizations we’ll be sponsoring during 2011. DVD Your Memories helps by donating gift certificates good for any...
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DVD Your Memories on Facebook!

In our ongoing efforts to stay connected within our community, we have just set up our Facebook fan page for everyone of our fantastic customers to visit and connect with other families who have taken the steps needed to preserve their memories. Be sure to “Like” us to keep up to date with all of...
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DVD Your Memories on San Diego Living 2/19/2010

DVD Your Memories was featured on Channel 6’s San Diego Living earlier this morning! Watch Chuck and Brandi explain the advancements and advantages of converting your family’s media into digital formats. Don’t forget to stop in or give us a call for all you media transferring questions!
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