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DVD Your Memories – Blu-ray Upgrades Now Available!

Blu-ray represents the next leap forward in optical disc technology. Blu-ray discs can store over 10 times the amount of data that a normal DVD can hold! So what does that mean? It means high-definition video, better quality audio, bigger and better data backups! Blu-ray is the evolution of the DVD format and has many perks.

Here at DVD Your Memories, we strive to give you the customer the latest and greatest in technology, that’s why we are proud to offer Blu-ray transfer for all the family media enthusiasts. In addition to transferring video to Blu-ray, we can also transfer other files to Blu-ray discs as data files. We can place your digitized slides, photos, negatives and audio files on a Blu-ray, which can hold much more than a standard DVD.

Now experience all of our media transfer services on Blu-ray including:

High definition slideshows and custom videos are now available in our editing department, ask us for details!

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