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Are 8mm Video Tapes the Same as Hi8 Video Tapes? Video8 vs Hi-8

With all of the different format of video tapes throughout the years, it can be hard to keep track of what camera you have and which tapes are compatible with what. With the 8mm tapes in particular, 3 different types of tapes were released that all look identical to each other. The first tape to...
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Is There an 8mm Video Cassette Adapter? What About a Hi-8 Adapter or 8mm Adapter?

Unfortunately, If you’re looking for an 8mm video cassette adapter to play your video 8, Hi-8 or Digital 8 tapes in your home VCR, there is no such thing. There is, however, a way to still play your tapes. What you’ll need is a camcorder or a video tape player than can play 8mm video...
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