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Transfer Media to Blu-ray in South Bay

Blu-ray represents the next leap forward in disc technology. Blu-ray can store over 10 times the amount of data a normal DVD can hold! So what does that mean? It means high-definition video, better quality audio, bigger and better data backups! Blu-ray is the evolution of the DVD format and has many perks.

Here at DVD Your Memories we strive to give you the customer the latest and greatest in technology, that’s why we are proud to offer Blu-ray transfer for all the family media enthusiasts.

Video transfer

Standard Definition Video to Blu-ray Disc

Transfer to Blu-ray
Pricing (per tape)$49.99
  • Blu-ray discs are BD-R, a BD-R compatible player is required for playback.
  • This service is for standard definition video transfer to Blu-ray only. For transferring video to DVD, please refer to our video transfer page.
  • Up to 11 hours of standard definition footage can be recorded to a Blu-Ray disc. Consumer format tapes are not in high-definition.
  • Looking to get multiple video formats, or convert your existing video to a new format? Check out our video format conversion pricing page.

Extra Copies

Extra Copies

Sharing your memories with others? We provide extra Blu-ray copies packaged and ready for only $20 each
$20 per Blu-ray copy
$30 per Blu-ray copy (with custom art)

High Definition Video to Blu-ray Disc

Transfer to Blu-ray
Pricing (per tape)$69.99
  • Blu-ray discs are BD-R, a BD-R compatible player is required for playback.
  • This service is for high definition video (HDV) transfer to Blu-ray disc only. For transferring video to DVD, please refer to our video transfer page. Extra Blu-ray copies are available for just $20 each.

HDV transfer

HDV transfers

HDV to hard drive: Videos can be either transferred into standard definition (AVI) or high definition video files* and put onto an external hard drive or large flash drive.

HDV to Blu-ray: Discs are BD-R, a BD-R compatbile player is required for playback. For more information about our Blu-ray services, please visit our Blu-ray transfer page.

Blu-ray copies are available for just $20 each.

* Digital video file must be on accessible flash memory device, price valid for files up to 2 hours in length.

Extra Copies

Extra Copies

Sharing your memories with others? We provide extra Blu-ray copies packaged and ready for only $20 each.
$20 per Blu-ray copy

Audio to Blu-ray Disc

Description Pricing
Blu-ray Data Disc$20.00
  • You are only charged for the actual audio time. If you have a two hour tape, but there is only one hour recorded you would pay for one hour. To cut audio into separate tracks on the disc, just add $10.
  • Blu-ray data disc: Add $20 per Blu-ray data disc. Blu-ray discs can hold up to 25GB of data. (Must have BD-R optical drive to read data)
  • This service is for direct audio transfers only. We use premium, high-quality audio equipment to ensure the best quality transfer. All audio is recorded onto the highest grade Blu-ray discs. For information about transferring audio to CD, please refer to our audio transfer page.

Film to Blu-ray Disc

Reel Size Premium Film Transfer SavingsCompetitive Film TransferSavings
3" (50 ft.)$20.9920% off$11.9910% off
5" (200 ft.)$83.9920% off$47.9910% off
7" (400 ft.) $167.9920% off$95.9910% off
Over 7" Please contact us for a quote
Transfer to DVD or Hard DriveIncluded in the cost of film transfer*
Transfer to Blu-ray$50 $50
Custom Menus$30 for first page, $10 for each additional page $30 for first page, $10 for each additional page

FeaturesPremium Film Transfer Competitive Film Transfer
All film cleaned and lubricated
Film spliced onto new 400' reels
100-year archival DVDs
Compatibility guaranteed
Real-time manual back-lighting control
Scene-by-scene color restoration in post-editing

  • * Transfer to hard drive or DVD is FREE if that is your first format. If you’d prefer your film transferred to both hard drive and DVD formats, the cost is only $20.00 more.
  • Additional discs of selected footage is just $10 per additional disc.
  • Blu-ray discs are BD-R, a BD-R compatible player is required for playback. All film transferred to Blu-ray will be in standard definition

Image Scanning to Blu-ray Disc

Description Pricing
Blu-ray Data Disc$20.00
  • File Format: By default, files are in JPEG format. Please ask us about TIFF format options.

Slideshow Movie to Blu-ray Disc

Description Pricing
Base Cost $50.00
Cost per picture$0.10 each

Add ons
Custom Menus$50 for first page, $20 for each additional page
Upgrade to High Definition Blu-ray$50
Extra Blu-ray Copies$20 per Blu-ray
Extra Blu-ray Copies (With Custom Art)$30 per Blu-ray

  • Blu-ray discs are BD-R, a BD-R compatible player is required for playback.
  • Most customers come in and work with one of our editors during this time but you can also give detailed instructions.
  • If you are bringing in your own flash/hard drive with data on it to store these files, there is a $15 setup fee. There is no fee if your drive does not have data on it or if we’ve provided the drive for you.
  • Upgrade your custom video creation to High-Definition Blu-Ray for only $50!

Blu-ray disc transfer

Upgrade to Blu-ray

Upgrade your custom video creation to High-Definition and transferred to our Blu-Ray discs for only $50! For more information about our Blu-ray services, please visit our Blu-ray transfer page.
Upgrade for $50

If you are unable to reach one of our five locations, simply place your order online. ORDER ONLINE
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    Geek Corner

    The Difference Between Blu-ray and DVD

    With all of the new technology coming out all of the time, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest, and what the newest generation offers. Blu-ray is the latest available optical storage medium, similar to a DVD. The difference is that it uses a different laser wavelength (blue) instead of the red DVD laser. Blu-ray discs can hold 50gb on a dual layer disc, which is over 10 times the storage capacity of a standard DVD. Due to the larger storage space on these discs, Hollywood movie studios are able to release films in high definition complete with fully interactive menus, network integration, and all sorts of interactive bonus features.

    High definition televisions are quickly becoming more and more common throughout the country, which only further intensifies the Blu-ray market. Another useful feature with Blu-ray players is that they are backwards compatible with DVDs, so your can still fully enjoy your whole movie collection on one unit. In fact, most Blu-ray units come with DVD upscaling, to make your DVDs look even better on your high definition television. In addition to Blu-ray movies, you can also use Blu-ray discs as a storage medium to store digital photos, videos or audio. They are perfect for home video to DVD, slide scanning or film to DVD projects. Thanks to the greatly enhanced HD video and audio quality as well as the advanced interactivity and networking features, Blu-ray is a huge step forward in the home video experience.

    Astounding High-definition Quality

    High definition (high-def) is the highest resolution offered within the digital television category. High-def content is also more often displayed in wide-screen, which is similar to how it looks in the movie theater. Between standard definition and high definition, there’s a range of resolutions, but the easiest way to explain the difference is that a high-def image holds more information than a standard-definition image. This means that high-def can be up to six times clearer than what you get on DVD, which lends itself to being shown on larger screens.

    For more information about high-definition watch this video.

    Standard-Definition Home Movies on Blu-ray

    Videos and movies recorded in the past are all in standard-definition, most Blu-ray and some DVD players have a form of up-scaling to increase the size of the image. This does not make the footage high-definition, it simply helps stretch the image for high-definition televisions. The benefit of standard definition video on Blu-ray disc is the massive amount of storage available. We can put up to 11 hours of video on to just one Blu-ray disc. This means that you can take your collection of dozens of tapes down to just a few discs.

    A Word on Compatibility

    Blu-ray is the newest available format for home theatres. While Blu-ray discs do comply with several standards, not all Blu-ray players are compatible with burned BD-R discs. Most new Blu-ray players and the popular PlayStation 3 (PS3) will play BD-R discs with no issues. Check your home Blu-ray player for BD-R compatibility to make sure you can watch your home movies on them. If you are having trouble finding out if your player is compatible feel free to call us.

    Would you like to know more about Blu-ray?
    Check out our Blu-ray FAQ for lots of history and technical specifics on Blu-ray technology.

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